Aaron Judge Bio, Height, Weight, Girlfriends, Relationship, Net Worth & Controversy

Who Is Aaron Judge?

Aaron James Judge was born in Sacramento, California. His parents’ names are unknown – When he was a baby, he was adopted and raised by two teachers based in Northern California, Wayne Judge, and Patty Judge. Judge is the couple’s second child – The first one is a boy named John, also adopted. John was four when his baby “brother” arrived. The two boys grew up in Linden, a small suburban town in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Because their parents were teachers, Aaron and his brother were never allowed to play computer games or even spend time with their friends until they have finished their homework and done their respective house chores. This is the reason why Aaron and John have excellent organizing skills and learn more about the value of a person’s own accountability. Both Wayne and Patty supported their children in the career paths that they took – Aaron’s being baseball. They actually persuaded him to join the MLB (Major League Baseball) instead of pursuing a college degree. John, after graduating from college, became an educator as well and moved to South Korea to teach English.

By 2017, Aaron Judge started getting attention because of his playing skills. He is one of the highest-paid baseball players in the US at the moment, and has plenty of endorsements. At one point, he had to turn down over 100 offers coming from several companies.

Career Focus: Athlete

Popular Work: American League rookie of the month award recipient, Professional baseball player for the New York Yankees

Date Of Birth: 26-04-1992

Current State & Country: Linden, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Sacramento, California, USA

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 282 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $10,000,000

Educational Credentials: Linden High School, California State University

Judge is a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. His favorite baseball player is Rich Aurillia, who plays for that certain team. Aurillia is a player that scored plenty of hits during his time as a baseball player, and became an All-Star in 2001. Judge, who was only nine years old during this time, started admiring him. He has also taken the role of first baseman and pitcher for his own team, became a wide receiver for a football team, and a center for a basketball team – A talented man sports-wise.

Career History Of Aaron Judge

Judge is a three-star athlete during his high school days. Not only is he skilled in baseball, he has also played professional football and professional basketball as well. He started setting up records for goals and touchdowns, causing him to receive scholarship offers from different colleges across the country. A lot of these scholarship offers involved football, but Judge decided to go with baseball instead. In 2010, he was drafted into the Oakland Athletics team of his own high school, but later played basketball for Fresno instead. He got drafted into the New York Yankees in 2013. He officially signed a contract with the Yankees, which cost a whopping $1.8M. When he played, Judge had a habit of chasing outside breaking pitches, which started when he was only a college junior.

Judge scored his first home run in 2016 while playing for the Yankees. He then went on to have a record-breaking rookie season the year after. He soon became an All-Star, and also ended up winning the Home Run Derby. He was the first rookie baseball player to do so. Other awards include the American League Rookie of the Month Award for four consecutive months, as well as the American League Player of the Month Award for June and September of 2017.

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Personal Life Of Aaron Judge

Judge considers himself mixed-race. And because he lived in a tiny suburban community, he got attention from his curious neighbors growing up. One time, a classmate asked him why he didn’t look like his parents – Judge replied that he was adopted. However, it turns out that Judge was bi-racial and never really spoke about his true ethnicity. Judge has never met or spoken to his biological parents. He never really gave a thought about them either, even when he was little – He knew that Patty and Wayne were his parents, and that’s it. Judge has said that he inherited his humility and calm personality from his parents. Judge has been in several relationships – But his most notable one came in 2017, when he began dating a woman named Jen Flumm.

Net Worth Of Aaron Judge

In 2013, Judge signed a bonus with the New York Yankees which gave him a bonus of around $1.8M. After that, he had a one-year deal worth over $544,500. In 2018, he obtained an additional $544,500. This is actually a much higher cost than the pre-arbitration-eligible players for the same team, which is over $539,500. Judge is currently under team control up until 2022. However, he’ll be paid with a much bigger salary when he decides to renew his contract.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Aaron Judge

Judge once addressed the press about his recent talk with Baltimore Orioles player, Manny Machado. Judge was trying to convince Machado to join their own team, even joking that Machado will “look pretty good in pinstripes”. MLB and a representative for the Yankees issued statements regarding Judge’s comment, stating that they were “inappropriate and not authorized by the club”. Brian Cashman, the general manager of the Yankees, ensured that Judge will no longer make those comments, and that “nobody’s perfect” even with his own pristine image.
Judge has also made headlines for once walking past Boston’s Fenway Park while blasting Frank Sinatra’s iconic hit, ‘New York, New York’ on a boom box. Fenway Park is the home of the Boston Red Sox football team.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Aaron Judge

In April 2018, rumors swirled that Judge and his girlfriend Flaumm had called it quits. They had unfollowed each other on Instagram. Later on, an Instagram model named Jen Selter stated that she wanted to be Judge’s next girlfriend, following him and trying to get his attention. But her efforts failed as Judge began seeing a former high school classmate named Britt Hodges. And here’s where it starts getting confusing – Recently, Judge was spotted once again having dinner with Flaumm, despite their breakup.

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