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Who Is Amanda Cerny ?

Amanda Cerny is a YouTube star and a model. She is known for uploading and posting daily vlogs on YouTube. Cerny has also made several comedy sketches with other popular YouTube stars, including Logan Paul, King Bach, and Juanpa Zurita. She has done several guest stints on many TV shows and movies, such as Hello Ladies and The Bet. In 2018, Cerny appeared on the film 211, which stars Michael Rainey Jr., Nicholas Cage, and Sophie Skelton.
Cerny is also very active on Snapchat – So much so that fans have often called her ‘The Queen of Snapchat’. She has appeared on the cover of Health & Wellness magazine. Plenty of Cerny’s fans have been with her since her Vine days – She has a lot of subscribers on YouTube as well. Cerny’s fanbase further grew after she was featured in a list of the Top Playboy Playmates for October 2011. She enjoys keeping herself fit, and likes to eat healthy. According to her social media accounts, Cerny is a fan of doing cardio workouts and going to the gym. She can run up to five miles on some days, and do several high-intensity cardio workouts almost everyday. Cerny also likes eating vegetables.

Career Focus: Model, TV personality, Fitness professional

Popular Work: Uploading funny clips on YouTube and Vine, and being a social media star. Her accounts include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Date of Birth: 26-06-1991

Current State & Country: Florida, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $8,000,000

Educational Credentials: Florida State University

Cerny has a sister named Samantha, and a younger half-brother named Nick Bateman. She was born and raised in Florida, then later moved to LA with her sister. Cerny is Caucasian. She moved to five different states when she was a child, before her family permanently settled in Florida. Cerny has described herself as ‘an active kid’ who enjoyed playing sports and taking part in social activities. This made her earn a black belt in Karate when she was only 11. Later on, she became a member of her school’s track team. When she turned 15, Cerny started working part-time as a model. She claims that the modeling job was only for fun, and she did not intend to go on a professional route and take it seriously as a career.

She is very much involved in charity work. Cerny likes to travel to places that were recently affected by natural disasters, including Puerto Rico and Haiti. She founded the Play Foundation, a non-profit organization which helps out kids from all over the world by connecting themselves with music or learning how to play musical instruments.

Career History of Amanda Cerny

Cerny has found success as an actress. She has shown up in various movies, including The Coach Who Clothed Them, 2016’s The Bet, and Internet Famous. Cerny plays the role of Mrs. McDoogle in The Bet, and a lot of her fans loved her portrayal. She had plenty of movie appearances on screen. She has also worked on Public Disturbance, Deported, and Superstition: The Rule of 3’s,as well as Airplane Mode. She has also guested on talk shows like The Late Show With James Corden, Hello Ladies, and did a small part in Homeless in Heathrow.

Cerny was inspired to pose for Playboy magazine after seeing pictures of her former high school classmate, Kelly Carrington. Carrington was the playmate for October 2008. After consulting the approval of a friend, Cerny started sending in pictures of herself in a bikini to the Playboy magazine editorial team. Later on, she would end up receiving an invite to the infamous Playboy Mansion to do a test photoshoot. In October 2011, she officially became a Playboy playmate.

Personal Life of Amanda Cerny

Cerny, together with other YouTube stars such as Twan Kuyper and Jake Paul, attended a launching program for a charity foundation called ChangUr. ChangUr’s main goal is to work together to improve the lives of children in need. Cerny herself has been heavily involved in some of the foundation’s works, and even took the Play Foundation to Haiti. When she was still a Playboy Playmate, Cerny got herself involved in the Playboy Mansion’s relief operations for Haiti. She worked together with Timkatek, another charity that focuses on improving the lives of homeless youths in Port-au-Prince.

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Cerny has had several notable relationships. One of her first public romances came in 2011, when she started dating stand-up comedian and actor Dane Cook. However, Cerny considered this as a mere fling and the two of them called it quits after a few months. The breakup was mutual, and they still remained friends. After that, Cerny began dating her fellow Youtuber and Vine star King Bach. They married in 2015, but divorced after a year of being together. In 2016, Cerny became the subject of popular gossip sites when she was rumored to be dating famous pop star Justin Bieber. The two of them went on a date together and sang karaoke, and there were even photos of him with his arms around her neck. The two of them seemed really comfortable around each other. This relationship didn’t last, and they also broke up in the same year.

Net Worth of Amanda Cerny

Cerny has done some modeling on the side, and is an occasional actress. However, a lot of her earnings come from YouTube. Her current net worth is at $500K. She runs two channels on YouTube, with a combined total of 3M subscribers. Her videos have a combined total of 400K views. The average YouTube star earns at least $5 per 1000 monetized views, and over 40-60 percent of their video’s views are fully monetized as well. This means she earns a total of $50K each year. Cerny also has 23M followers on Instagram, 2.3M subscribers on YouTube, and 1M followers on her Twitter account.

Controversial News on The Life & Career of Amanda Cerny

Cerny once claimed that Lele Pons was secretly accessing her account and removing her images on social media sites, as well as deleting her vlogs – All while pretending to be her friend at the same time. Plenty of fellow Youtubers took Cerny’s side against Pons, including fellow Youtuber Christian Delgrosso. A lot of their respective fans were shocked at this turn of events, as the three of them used to be so close.

Rumors and Frequently Asked Questions About Amanda Cerny

Cerny has recently made headlines after confirming her relationship with her new beau, Johannes Bartl. She has began posting photos of her and Bartl on her Instagram account. The two of them have been together for a year. Bartl is also a YouTube star, and has shown up in several of Cerny’s videos. A lot of these videos are both cute and funny at the same time. Like any other couple, Cerny and Bartl like to go on trips together. He works as a fitness model and has over 1.7M followers on Instagram, with 430K subscribers on YouTube.

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