Amiyah Scott Bio: Age, Height, Husband, Children, Net Worth & Things To Know

Who Is Amiyah Scott?

Amiyah Scott, born Arthur Scott, is an American actress and model. She is famous for being the first transgendered woman to be featured on Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Scott was born in New York, but grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Career Focus: Scott began working as an actor, and did some modelling. Apart from that, she is also a skilled event host, and a ballroom dancer. Before starring in reality television, she worked as a makeup artist.

Popular Work: Scott was casted in a musical drama series back in 2016. The show was called Star, and was created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy. Scott’s character was called Cotton. Both critics and fans alike were impressed by her performance, and this gave her fame. Apart from working as an actor, she still occasionally does makeup and hosts events.

Date Of Birth: 11-01-1988

Current State & Country: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Manhattan, New York City, USA

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 160 lbs

Net Worth Income: $1,000,000

Educational Credentials: Unknown

Scott was also honored by GLAAD Atlanta with their Rising Star Award. This award ceremony brings together LGBTQ personalities from the south, and this year, they came together to honor Scott. Actress Angelica Ross, from FX’s Pose, was the one who presented Scott with the award. Scott and Ross are friends in real life. During her introduction, Ross had described her friendship with Scott, as well as her impact on TV as being both African-American and transgendered. Scott was there to receive the award. She honored the transgendered community, asking them to keep moving forward and to love themselves.

Scott is proud to be an openly-transgendered celebrity. She started her transition from male to female at a very young age, and overcame bullies and prejudice along the way. Scott tirelessly works as an advocate of the LGBTQ community. Recently, Scott, together with other transgendered celebrities such as Janet Mock and Laverne Cox, spoke out against US President Donald Trump’s rumored proposal to ban trans people from joining the military and national sporting activities.

Career History of Amiyah Scott

On TV, Amiyah plays the role of Cotton, a transgendered character in the show Star. Star was created by Tom Donaghy and Lee Daniels. It first aired on the Fox Network in December 2016. Daniels, who has an Oscar nomination for his 2010 film Precious, first conceptualized Cotton as someone of Latina descent. His sister, Leah, then recommended Scott to Daniels, and she was cast in the role immediately. Scott stars alongside singer/actress Queen Latifah, Trayce Malachi, and R&B legend Patti LaBelle. In the series, Cotton is estranged from her mother, Carlotta (played by Latifah). Carlotta is struggling to accept the fact that her child is transgendered. At the same time that Star was being filmed, Scott was also chosen to be one of the main characters in Real Housewives of Atlanta. The reality show’s producers wanted Scott to be the first transgendered character in the show. However, Scott left the show after one season, due to rumors that she wasn’t getting paid enough. She did mention that she will come back to do another season, if the salary is right.

Scott is also known for her friendships with rapper Lil’ Wayne, and model Amber Rose. She gradually became an A-list celebrity. Rose is known for her romantic involvement with rappers Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye West. Scott first met her friends during a party held in New York. Aside from starring on television, Scott also works as a makeup artist, a model, and as an event host. When she’s not filming an episode of Star, Scott travels across the country, giving empowering talks and speeches to LGBT students. Her topics include embracing your identity, overcoming hate and bullying, and building up self-esteem. Scott has also discussed about transgender roles, as well as casual things like her favorite memes.

Personal Life of Amiyah Scott:

Amiyah Scott’s original name was Arthur Scott. She started transitioning from male to female when she was only fifteen. Even at such a young age, she already felt uncomfortable in her male body. Scott’s parents weren’t accepting of their child’s situation, causing her to move out. She was only 15 when she went through her first partial transgendered surgery. Two years later, she successfully completed her transition from male, to female. Scott’s parents gradually accepted her lifestyle, and started supporting her endeavors.

Sometimes, a few people are just curious about the personal and romantic lives of transgendered celebrities. Scott is no exception. She is known for having high-profile romances, and has been in a relationship with many celebrities. As of now, she has a rumored boyfriend who goes by the name of Kellon Deryck. She was also rumored to be dating Micah Dixon. Dixon is another transgendered celebrity who is known for being Instagram-famous. Dixon and Scott once appeared on a red carpet event together, gushing about their relationship.

Scott is unmarried, and is seemingly enjoying some time off from her past relationships. It seems like the word ‘love’ doesn’t apply to her current status, as she is single. She also hasn’t been linked to any other person lately. But she might be looking for someone at the moment – In a recent interview, she has expressed her desire to start a family soon.

Scott has dark brown eyes, and light brown hair. She stands six feet tall, and is very athletic. Scott is right-handed. Her favorite foods include fried seafood, gumbo, and croissants. Scott is fond of wearing bright and eccentric wigs, and bold makeup. She is also known for her fashion sense. In an interview, Scott has stated that rapper Lil’ Kim and singer Rihanna were her style icons.

Net Worth of Amiyah Scott:

According to a report, Scott’s net worth is estimated at around one million dollars. She has made appearances on TV shows and reality shows, and has also modelled for several magazines. Scott also has more than a million followers on her social media accounts. In her Instagram, Scott usually promotes products and brands, so she probably earns money from that too. VH1 recently crowned Scott as a “King”, after it was confirmed that she is one of the first transgendered celebrities on Instagram to gain a million followers.

Controversial News on the Life & Career of Amiyah Scott: There have been plenty of rumors that Bravo network only casted Scott in RHOA just because she was transgendered. Those rumors didn’t sit well with Scott, who decided to quit the show after finding out. Gossip site TMZ claims that the producers wanted to give Scott a sexualized image, asking her to wear lingerie in most of her scenes. Scott was reportedly upset when she read the script notes for the show, especially when she was asked to badmouth her cast mates.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Amiyah Scott:

There have been rumors about Scott dating an unnamed rapper, but she, nor the rapper, never confirmed it. While filming Real Housewives of Atlanta, rumors surfaced that she was dating her hairstylist, Kellon Deryck. However, both Scott and Deryck denied it.

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