Asa Akira Bio, Age, Marriage, Nationality, Net Worth & Facts

Who Is Asa Akira?

Asa Takagami, aka Asa Akira, is a popular model, pornographic actress, and porn movie director. She does interviews on television and online from time to time. She managed to get into the industry after befriending a fellow porn actress named Gina Lynn (real name Georgina Lynn Guesby). Lynn encouraged Akira to get herself involved in the adult film industry.

It might seem bewildering for some, but Akira had always wanted to become an adult film actress and model, ever since she was young. While she grew up, she had hidden fantasies about earning cash and becoming rich through sex. She considered it as one of her biggest dreams.

Plenty of Akira’s successes is proven through several nominations and awards that she has received throughout her career. Some of these include Female Performer of the Year, Porn Star of the Year, and New Starlet of the Year, among others. Akira has also been included in plenty of Top 10 Hottest Porn Stars and Top 50 Hottest Asian Po*n Stars lists. Other prominent honors include being placed in the list of Porn Stars Who Could Be The Next Sasha Grey, Top 10 Innovative Porn Stars, and The Dirty Dozen. Among the lists mentioned, Akira has been placed in either the top five, or is usually the winner of the list. Therefore, this is proof that she is a popular star in her chosen profession. She is surely bound to get more popular as she just started directing her own porn films. According to Akira, her idol in the porn industry is Lisa Ann (real name Lisa Ann Corpora), while actress, comedian, and Saturday Night Live alum Tina Fey is her favorite outside of the industry. Akira also considers herself as a feminist. She claims to be bisexual, but is still “uncertain” about her real orientation. She also has a penchant for liking men and “androgynous girls”.

Career Focus: Pornographic actress, Model, Writer

Popular Works: Has done starring and supporting roles in several pornographic films and photoshoots. Her non-porn appearances include The Eric Andre Show, Family Guy, and Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky. She has also done a non-porn collaboration with artist David Choe for the podcast DVDASA. She has released two books: Insatiable: Porn – A Love Story (2014), and Dirty Thirty: A Memoir (2016).

Date of Birth: 03-01-1986

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 105 lbs.

Current State & Country: New York, USA

Nationality: Japanese-American

Home State & Country: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Net Worth Income: $1,500,000

Educational Credentials: Washington Irving High School, Chelsea Day School, United Nations International School, City-As-School

Akira once received a scholarship so she could attend the prestigious United Nations International School, located in her hometown of Manhattan. She received this honor as her grandfather worked as a diplomat for over 45 years. But she didn’t do well during her stay there, and as a result, was no longer allowed to continue her sophomore year. Akira ended up enrolling in Washington Irving High School located in Gramercy Park. Later on, she moved to City-As-School for her senior year.

Career History

Her first venture into the adult industry was at nineteen, when she started working as a professional dominatrix. Then she left her job and began earning money as a stripper at New York’s Hustler Club. She waited until she turned 20 to apply for several roles in porn films. During her early years as a professional porn actress, at least one out of three scenes that she did involved some sort of Asian fetish role.

Later on in her career, Akira co-hosted the 30th Annual AVN Awards together with comedian April Macie and fellow porn actress Jesse Jane (real name Cindy Taylor). In the same ceremony, she ended up winning the award for Best Female Performer. She initially did lesbian scenes in her first few films, but started doing more hardcore roles further into her career. One of her first scenes with a man was with porn actor Travis Knight in a film directed by her friend Gina Lynn (who was married to Knight at that time). Akira eventually signed a contract with Voyeur Media before becoming a freelance actress six months later.

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Personal Life

Akira was born on January 1986, in Manhattan. She is the only child of Japanese parents – They lived in a house located in Soho. Akira is fluent in Japanese, and grew up in a perfectly normal household. Her family were also health nuts. When she turned nine, she moved to Tokyo after her father found a job there. She moved back to the US when she turned 13, staying in Clinton Hill.

Akira was previously engaged to porn actor Rocco Reed (real name Joshua Luke Broome). Then in 2012, she married another porn actor, Toni Ribas (real name Antonio Garcia Ribas). According to Akira, her relationship with her husband is monogamous and healthy. She considers herself as a feminist. Akira also says that she has only dated fellow porn actors, so she wouldn’t have to explain her career choices to someone working outside the industry.

Net Worth of Asa Akira

Akira does some nude and soft-porn modeling aside from starring and directing in films. She is a member of the Spiegler Agency, and is therefore dubbed as a ‘Spiegler girl’. She is also currently a Fleshlight (sex toy company) girl, working together with fellow porn actresses Alexis Texas (real name Thea Alexis Samper), Jesse Jane, Jessica Drake (real name Angela Patrice Heaslet), and Lisa Ann. Akira’s net worth has definitely grown thanks to her appearance in adult films.

She is one of the richest porn stars in the industry right now, so her secret dream of getting paid to have sex seems to have come true. Perhaps you may have already heard – Or seen – One of her films if watching adult films is one of your hobbies. In her memoir Insatiable: Porn – A Love Story, Akira openly declares her love for the adult film industry, and wants to continue working there as much as possible.

Controversial News on the Life & Career of Asa Akira

According to the popular porn website Pornhub, Akira is the seventh most-watched porn star on their list. She recently conducted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the website Reddit. And compared to other porn star AMAs that were more or less dull or non-informative, she ended up dropping several truth bombs about herself, and the industry. In the session, Akira mentioned what her last meal would be like if she were on death row, or if she would sleep or have sex with one of her fans.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Asa Akira: There are no rumors about Akira at the moment – She seems to be living a happy life with her husband.

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