Brittanya Razavi

Who Is Brittanya Razavi?

Brittanya Razavi is a model and a reality TV star. She was able to find fame thanks to joining several reality shows. These shows included Charm School, I Love Money, and Rock Of Love. Apart from that, Razavi is also known for her tattoos, her many piercings, and her dimples. These works of body art have managed to land her in several covers of magazines such as Obscene, Rebel Ink, and Savage Tattoo. So many people seem to have a fascination with Razavi’s body, as well as her style. She has a body measurement of 36D-25-25. Interestingly, Razavi got her very first tattoo when she was only eleven years old – And she hasn’t stopped since then.

Razavi has over 5.6 million followers on her Facebook account. Meanwhile, on Twitter, she has around 350K followers. And finally, she has at least 11.9 million followers on Instagram. Razavi also works as a businesswoman who owns two popular brands: Namely, MeowGang and 187 Clothing. Apart from that, she is mostly known for participating on several VH1 reality shows, such as Charm School season 3, and Rock Of Love Bus. In 2010, while taking part in these TV shows, Razavi managed to gain a nickname for herself: The Black Widow of VH1.

Brittanya Razavi

Career Focus: Modelling, Fashion designing, Businesswoman

Popular Work: Dysfunctional Friends (2012, Corey Grant), Charm School with Ricki Lake (2009, VH1) Rock of Love with Brett Michaels (2009, VH1)

Date Of Birth: 07-07-1985

Current State & Country: California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Oxnard, California, USA

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 121 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $6,000,000 – $10,000,000

Educational Credentials

Razavi attended an unknown exclusive college in her native California. She finished up her college degree education after that.

It is pretty much known that Razavi is the youngest child in a brood of five. Her siblings’ names, with the exception of her elder sister Tiffany O-Campo, are not known to the public. Tiffany is a businesswoman too, like Razavi.

Since Razavi is the youngest child in her family, her parents practically shown her twice the amount of love compared to her other siblings. However, things started to change when Razavi was fifteen – Her father was sent to jail, which left her mom to take care of her and provide for her family’s needs. And even though Razavi was young, she has done her part to help out by moving out of the house at an early age to look for work.

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Career History Of Brittanya Razavi

Razavi started out as a model. She has shown up in plenty of famous magazines including Tattoo, Rebel Ink, Savage Tattoo, Tattoo Energy, and MMA Sports Magazine, among others. Razavi has managed to gain plenty of attention on social networking sites through the years. In 2009, she also gained success on traditional media outlets as well.

Thanks to her huge Internet following, Razavi was able to land a gig on several VH1 reality shows. These included Charm School, and Rock of Love Bus. In the former, Razavi, along with several other contestants, all competed to win the affection of rock singer Bret Michaels. Michaels is known as the lead singer of the band Poison. After that, Razavi joined another VH1 reality show, called I Love Money. Because of these appearances, she gained loads of publicity, which she took to her advantage in a positive way – By starring in several dramas. In 2012, Razavi played the role of Lexus in an indie comedy film called Dysfunctional Friends. Directed by Corey Grant, the film stars Stacey Dash, Tatyana Ali, Terrell Owens, Stacy Keibler, and future Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

During this same period, she was also able to successfully launch her first clothing brand, called 187 Avenue. Razavi sells her self-made merchandise and accessories in this shop. She has also co-authored a book called Millionaire Self Talk. Hardcore fans of Razavi can pay cash to watch her private videos on a site called BrittanyaTV.

Brittanya Razavi

Personal Life Of Brittanya Razavi

Razavi was only 15 when she gave birth to her first child. The unnamed child is believed to be living together with their godfather. Razavi herself has had a rather complex history of relationships. One of her boyfriends is fellow reality TV star Nico Vasquez, but their relationship didn’t really last long.

Razavi is currently married to a man named Lucky Moe Razavi. Her husband is of Iranian descent, so this makes their children multinational, with Persian and Mexican roots. Lucky Moe is also a well-known figure. He is skilled CEO and entrepreneur at Digital Media and Entertainment Group. Razavi took her husband’s last name after she had gotten married to him, changing her name from Brittanya O’Campo to Brittanya Razavi. They had their first child together in 2012, a son named Cash King. Then years later, Razavi gave birth to their second child, named Legend King. Right now, Razavi is more than happy and content with her life, because of her husband and kids’ love.

Lucky Moe is also a huge fan of body art, like his wife. Razavi has the word ‘beauty’ tattooed on her chest, while her husband has a portrait tattoo of her on his head. Even though Razavi has stated that most of her tattoos were just for fun and didn’t have any special meaning to them, plenty of them are still dedicated to her children and husband.

Net Worth Of Brittanya Razavi

Since she earns a living by posing risky images of her on the Internet, Razavi is now living a lavish lifestyle. As mentioned, she is very happy with her life right now, enjoying what it has to offer. Razavi’s net worth is actually quite impressive, especially when you find out how much cash she has managed to obtain throughout her career. According to Forbes, Razavi’s net worth is roughly around $6 million or $8 million. However, these are just approximations.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Brittanya Razavi

It is rumored that Razavi is actually a mother of five children, not three. It might seem unbelievable, but there isn’t any confirmation from Razavi herself if this is true or false. In several of her social networking sites, Razavi has only posted pictures of herself with her two children, Cash and Legend. So nobody really knows if this rumor is true or not.

During her reality show stints, Razavi was known for having a fiery temper, which caused her controversy. She event went to jail for a short time because she attacked a fellow contestant with a goblet. It got so bad that the victim landed in the hospital and got a few stitches. Razavi was charged with assault and was sent to jail for six months. But after that incident, she has since started to work on her anger issues – Razavi seems to have softened a bit thanks to her family.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Brittanya Razavi

In 2015, there were some rumors that Razavi and Lucky Moe were heading towards splitsville. Several unreliable sources have also claimed that they have started living in separate homes. These reports have yet to be proven if they’re true or not. Razavi’s silence about the rumor has also added fuel to the fire.

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