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Who Is Cookie Swirl C?

Cookie Swirl C is an American Youtuber who is famous for reviewing and making toy videos online. Her channel is ‘Cookie Swirl C’. Cookie Swirl C’s real name is Candace – However, like some YouTubers out there, she has not revealed her last name for the sake of privacy. Candace’s content includes plenty of family-friendly, inspiring, and positive videos. A lot of these videos take their inspiration from cartoons and famous toys, such as Disney characters, mermaids, Littlest Pet Shop, Monster High, Barbies, Legos, My Little Pony, and Shopkins, among others.
Candace opened her YouTube channel back in 2013. She wanted to share her love of toys to the world, and create stories by playing with them. Almost every video on her channel involves toys. She creates child-friendly stories with these toys, as well as short movies. She also does hauls, blind bag openings, reviews, and unboxing videos.

Career Focus: YouTuber, Toy reviewer, Internet and social media personality

Popular Work: CookieSwirlC YouTube channel, HoneyHeartsC YouTube channel, and Sugar8Cupcake YouTube channel

Date Of Birth: 14-03-1997

Current State & Country: California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: California, USA

Height: 5’0”

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth Income: Estimated $6,500,000 – $10,000,000

Educational Credentials: Unknown, but she is a highschool student

Cookie Swirl C

Candace is famous for her sense of humor. She loves communicating with her fans, and has a kind and friendly personality. She also enjoys showing off her pets on her YouTube channel, and is a self-proclaimed animal lover. When she isn’t filming videos and reviewing toys, Candace relaxes by reading a good novel and replying to fans’ comments on her social networking sites and YouTube channel. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with her family, friends and pets, as well as reading.

As mentioned, Candace is a proud pet owner. She has plenty of them – A cat, fishes, a horse, two ponies, and three rat terrier dogs. It’s obvious that she has a very soft spot for animals. Her two ponies’ names are Goldie and Farrah, while she calls her horse Sugar.

Candace has a natural talent for voice acting, and making impressions. She has the ability to switch her voice for different characters, giving more life to her stories. In 2013, she officially launched her YouTube channel, Cookie Swirl C. She uploads vlogs and creates videos that revolve around games, kids, and toys. Candace tells plenty of amazing make-believe stories, which are very hard to resist and enjoyable, especially if you are a young kid. The kids love her very much, so she has a rather huge following.

Career History Of Cookie Swirl C

Cookie Swirl C is Candace’s official channel, which she opened up in 2013. This served as a way for her to share her love for games, toys, and cartoons. Candace believes that her YouTube channel can serve as a great way for kids to open up and build their imagination, and enhance their creativity skills. Candace hopes that kids will have so much fun while watching the videos on her channel, since it mostly revolves around things that they like. Games, toys, toy hauls, shopping for toys, making DIY projects, arts and crafts, and even snacks. All of the nice letters and gifts that Candace receives from her fans and their parents are surefire signs that she is targeting the right audience on her YouTube channel. She cherishes these gifts and keeps them in her house.

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Candace is fully aware that her videos have a huge following on YouTube, ranging from toddlers, to young kids, to pre-teens, and even teenagers and parents. She wants to make sure that her videos have an enthusiastic and positive vibe to them, while still being family friendly. Her videos are appropriate for all ages, and aren’t too childish. Candace also knows about the responsibility that comes with running a huge YouTube channel and maintaining a spotless image. She wants to create nothing but the best content for her channel.

Cookie Swirl C

Personal Life Of Cookie Swirl C

Candace goes by the nickname Candy. She has a younger sister, and they like taking care of their numerous pets. They own fish, two ponies, a horse, three dogs, and a cat. When she’s not busy filming a brand new video for her channel, she can be found replying and reading her fans’ comments on her YouTube channel or social networking sites. She answers fan mail too. Candace also enjoys reading, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets. She has a knack for telling stories, and loves to write and read. Candace has always loved horses since she was a little girl, which is why she has three of them. She donates a lot of her earned cash to charities from time to time. Some of the charities that Candace has donated to include Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, WEAVE, and A Place To Bark. Once in a while she holds contests for her YouTube fans and gives away freebies. Apart from all of that, though, nobody knows much about Candace’s personal life.

Net Worth Of Cookie Swirl C

At such a young age, Candace has managed to accumulate a whopping 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. In fact, she has ranked in the top five percent of YouTube’s family and children channels, personally selected by Google. Candace keeps her YouTube channel family and kid-friendly. This means she doesn’t swear or curse in any of her videos, and shows nothing but wholesome content. Meanwhile, Candace has over 359,000 followers on Instagram.

Keeping this in mind, she should have an estimated revenue of over $17,000 daily. This equals to $6,200,000 annually from advertisements that appear on her videos. Apart from that, she also sells her own line of merchandise, which includes hoodies, t-shirts, shirts, bodysuits, and so much more.

Aside from her Cookie Swirl C channel, Candace has two more popular channels on YouTube: Namely Sugar8Cupcake and Honey Hearts C. The latter is mostly dedicated to her three horses. In 2007, Candace decided to share her love of horses and ponies with her fans, which led to the creation of her first YouTube channel, Honey Hearts C. Then in March 2016, Candace uploaded what would eventually become her most watched video – ‘Rainbow Dash Baby + Jumping – Let’s play online horse games’. This gained over four million views since its uploading. Her Honey Hearts C channel is still very active, and Candace continues to post horse-related content and reviews about horse toys up to now.

Controversial News About The Life & Career Of Cookie Swirl C

Candace maintains a controversial-free life. Her YouTube and social networking image is very clean, and she prefers to keep it that way. She is also keeps her personal life under wraps.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Cookie Swirl C

There are no rumors regarding Candace’s professional and personal life.

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