Dimitri Portwood Kutcher

Who Is Dimitri Portwood Kutcher?

Dimitri Portwood Kutcher was born to star parents, actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Ever since his birth, Kutcher has already been getting plenty of attention from the media. He is the couple’s youngest child, who have a three-year-old daughter named Wyatt. Kutcher was born in LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on November 30, 2016. He came out weighing eight pounds, and fifteen ounces. Thanks to his arrival, the whole Kunis-Kutcher family is filled with smiles, togetherness, and so much love because of their new addition. He is sure to become a toddler superstar. His first name is reminiscent of his mother Mila’s Ukrainian and Russian heritage, while his second name was based after his paternal godparents.

Kutcher turned two last year. He has a pair of stunning blue eyes, brown hair, and a fair complexion. He looks adorable when wearing cute baby clothes, or when he’s seen out with his parents.

Career Focus: Celebrity son

Popular Work: N/A

Date Of Birth: 30-11-2016

Current State & Country: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: Unknown

Weight: 8 lbs.

Net Worth Income: Kutcher’s parents have a combined net worth of over $265,000,000.

Educational Credentials: N/A

Dimitri Portwood Kutcher

Kutcher’s handsome father, Ashton, began his career as a model. He later became a show producer, and an actor. His mother, Mila, met Kutcher’s father when they starred together in the Fox Network hit show, That ‘70s Show. In the show, Mila plays Jackie, a boisterous, self-centered, chirpy, and rich girl. Ashton and Mila were on a date when she mentions that she had a feeling that reality star and millionaire Donald Trump would become president of the USA. She also had a feeling that her new baby’s name would be Dimitri. Imagine her surprise when both of her predictions came true.

The name Dimitri is a very popular name among boys. It is of Russian origin, as mentioned. Dimitri actually translates to ‘follower of Demeter’, and is one of the many spelling variations of the name Demetrius. In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of farming and fertility. According to a guest appearance on Conan in 2016, just a few days before Kutcher was born, Ashton revealed that he had wanted to name his son after the University of Iowa mascot. However, Mila convinced him to change it at the last minute.

Career History Of Dimitri Portwood Kutcher’s Parents

Before they were officially cast for the roles of Jackie and Kelso, respectively, Mila and Ashton both worked as commercial models, and played bit roles in several movies. Mila, for instance, played young Gia Carangi in the 1998 HBO made-for-TV-movie Gia, which starred Angelina Jolie. She slowly branched out into film while maintaining a TV career at the same time. She has also co-starred with actress Kirsten Dunst in 2001’s Get Over It.

After That ‘70s Show ended in 2006, Mila started taking more and more film roles. She played a hotel concierge 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where her acting received positive reviews. The film also starred Russell Brand, Kristen Bell, and Jason Segel. Mila has continued to amaze audiences with her roles in Ted, Friends with Benefits, and The Black Swan.

Ashton, meanwhile, had gone back to modeling, mostly for Calvin Klein ads. He was continuously seen on movies and TV screens. At present, he owns a production company called Katalyst Films. Ashton went back to acting after he had replaced controversial actor Charlie Sheen in the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. Ashton replaced Sheen in 2011. He was also one of the first few celebrity users of social networking site Twitter.Dimitri Portwood Kutcher

Personal Life Of Dimitri Portwood Kutcher’s Parents

Mila and Ashton first met on the set of That ‘70s Show. At that time, Mila was only 14, while Ashton was 19. Even though their characters, Jackie and Kelso, get together at some point in the show, the actors’ age difference kept them from pursuing a romantic relationship. They were co-stars for so many years. After the show ended in 2006, they decided to take the next step in their relationship. Mila started making public appearances with Ashton in several events. And in 2013, they confirmed that they were in a relationship. On February 2014, it was announced that the two of them had gotten engaged. Mila later gave birth to their first child, daughter Wyatt Isabelle, on October 1 2014. The following year, she and Ashton got married during the Fourth of July at the Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch, located in Oak Glen, California.

Despite always being seen together with their children, Mila and Ashton have their own success in their respective acting careers.

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Net Worth Of Dimitri Portwood Kutcher’s Parents

Kutcher’s father, Ashton, is not just an actor – He is an investor as well. He has a net worth of over $200 million. Meanwhile, his mom Mila also has a huge net worth, costing $65 million. Kutcher’s parents are very famous and have been working in the industry for a while now. It seems like his name is already written in a giant family fortune, together with his sister. Kutcher is a lucky kid because he has already been to so many places at a young age. He has also made appearances in his parents’ social networking sites, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. And it is also safe to assume that the adorable and stylish Kutcher might end up receiving a handsome pay in the far future. Of course, it depends on what career he decides to take as an adult.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Dimitri Portwood Kutcher’s Parents: Even before they got married, Mila and Ashton have dealt with so many tabloid rumors over their lives. However, Mila, who stars in the 2016 comedy film Bad Moms, has mentioned that she’s had enough of how these nasty rumors have affected her family. According to an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she said that the most upsetting false reports she has gotten over herself, were the ones that involved her getting a divorce from Ashton, and her being pregnant with a third child. Despite the many rumors that tabloids have come up with, she and Ashton have proven time and time again that they are in love. She has also revealed to Elle magazine about how she balances her time between work and family.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Dimitri Portwood Kutcher’s Parents:

A gossip magazine falsely claimed that Ashton got mad at Mila because she was supposedly seen ‘getting cozy’ with actor Justin Theroux during the premiere party of their 2018 film, The Spy Who Dumped Me. It was said that Ashton became really upset with his wife and yelled at her for being too close to Theroux during the red carpet event. He had also apparently stormed out of the party, feeling very angry.

There were also fake reports about Mila quitting acting so she could have a third baby. The source had said that she was going on a career hiatus, so she can take care of her two kids, and possibly have a third one. Not only did Mila herself mention that she’s already fine with having two kids, her management has also confirmed that the story was completely fabricated.

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