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Who Is Gillian Turner?

Gillian Turner was actually born in Cape Town, South Africa. Her birthday is on September 6th 1982. At present, she is working as a senior associate for Jones Group International. Her previous occupation was at the White House National Security Council, during the presidential tenures of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Turner has a rather impressive and solid background as a professional reporter and even in her academics. She follows a strong working ethic which is one of the biggest contributions to her pristine record.

Because of her amazing career as a journalist, Turner has received plenty of accolades. This includes an American politics award. She has also been named as a Sharp Fellow at Columbia University, as well as an award for Academic Excellence from Vidda. After she finished her studies, Turner applied for a job with the Albright Group LLC and Human Rights and Labor inside the US House of Representatives’ office of the Minority Leader. After that, she ended up joining the White House National Security Council in Washington DC for four years.

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Career Focus: News correspondent, Journalist

Popular Works: Reporter for Fox News

Date Of Birth: 06-09-1982

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 123 lbs.

Current State & Country: New York City, New York, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Cape Town, South Africa

Net Worth Income: $1,500,000


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Educational Credentials: Columbia University (Major – Political science and Government). She earned her master’s degree at the University of Cape Town, in South Africa.

Turner’s mom is an author. She grew up in New York City with her family, and also received her early education there. When she entered high school, Turner developed an interest in ballet. She attended the School of American Ballet in New York and took up belly-dancing classes. Later on, she pursued her dreams of becoming a ballerina by becoming a member of the Pennsylvania Ballet troupe. According to Turner, ballet gave her the ability to make fast choices, to think quickly, and enough confidence to be able to fulfill her dreams in life.

Turner attended Columbia University in 2001. She graduated in 2005. While staying there, she managed to obtain a degree of BA in Political Science and Government. She took up her masters in the University of Cape Town from 2010 to 2012. Her masters were Social Sciences, African governance, Politics, and Security Studies.

Career History

Turner is known for her good looks, aside from her skills as a reporter. She always keeps herself looking good and in tip-top shape right from the beginning of her career, until now. Her first job after graduating from college was to be a member of the staff at the White House National Security Council, located in Washington. Turner served under two presidential administrations for four years – George W. Bush and Barack Obama, respectively. She was also in attendance in the NSC during Pres. Bush’s tenure, as a part of his staff.

While working for the National Security Council, Turner liaised in between the Congress associated with the NSC, as well as her own job as a National Security Adviser for the US’ foreign policies. Then in 2010, she left the NSC. She was later given an award from the National Security Council Outstanding Awards.

After she left the NSC, Turner became the vice president of Jones Group International. She works alongside Jim Jones, who was a former National Security Adviser. Turner’s job focuses more on conflict-ridden areas like the Middle East and Africa. She is actually the youngest Associate who worked at Jones Group International. Jones Group is a global political consulting firm. She and Jones work together by creating a type of management relationship service for their clients. Thanks to her experience in serving the White House National Security Council, Turner has now concentrated on giving great guidance towards clients who need a bit of help in going through the whole foreign policy process.

Turner joined Fox News as a contributor. As a reporter, she was able to cover plenty of topics that are connected to several famous politicians, especially the ones that work in the White House or Washington DC. Turner has been a part of Fox News since 2014. She officially became a correspondent in 2017. Aside from her special reports, she has also made appearances on several of Fox News’ famous shows, such as The Five, Fox & Friends, America’s Newsroom, and Fox News Sunday. At present, she is still doing reports for the station.


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Apart from her career in journalism, Turner also had a job at the US Department of State in the Bureau of Democracy for the Human Rights and Labor. She has also had a career at the Albright Group LLC. As well as the Office of the Minority Leader.

Personal Life

There is actually no information about Turner’s personal life on the Internet at the moment. She has neither revealed details about her current partner, her family life, or if she is either married or not. However, she did mention that she is engaged to be married. The engagement reportedly took place back in 2016. She has also uploaded pictures of herself and her fiancé on her social networking sites. However, the name of Turner’s fiancé has not been revealed to the public. There are reports that her beau also works in journalism and media, like her.

Net Worth Of Gillian Turner: Turner’s net worth is said to be at around $1.5M. A source close to turner reveals that her current salary is at around $300,000.

The reason why she has earned so much cash is due to the fact that she has worked alongside two US Presidents (Bush and Obama) and had jobs at several multinational companies. She is also working for Fox News at the moment – One of the most-watched news channels in the US. Turner is active in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has over 50.4K followers on her Twitter, while 4.8K people follow her on her Facebook. On Instagram, she has around 5.3K followers.

Controversial News On The Life & Career

Turner is living a controversy-free life. There are no past controversies about her either. She seems to have been blessed with everything – Looks, good education, and a loving partner to boot.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned, there are rumors that Turner is engaged to her fiancé since 2016 – But it is still unknown whether they have already decided to tie the knot.

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