H2O Delirious : Bio, Age, Net Worth, Affairs, Controversy & Family

Who Is H2O Delirious?

H2O Delirious, real name Jonathan Gormon Dennis, is a popular gaming channel on YouTube. Jonathan likes to upload clips of himself enjoying several games while making funny comments – Similar to other popular gamers on the video-sharing site. But the thing about Jonathan is that unlike most YouTube gamers out there, he has never revealed his real face. Meanwhile, his other characteristic is letting out a ‘delirious’ laugh, which is very contagious. One time, he pranked his audience and subscribers by uploading a video on his channel called ‘H2O Delirious Face Reveal’. Instead, he showed a photo of a GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) character.

Similar to other famous YouTube gamers, Jonathan has been uploading his gaming videos since the late 2000s. A couple of his favorite games include Black Ops II, the aforementioned Grand Theft Auto V, and Garry’s Mode. Even though he has been around for a while, Jonathan didn’t start uploading videos until the 2010s. His early videos featured the popular games MW3 Ninja and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

After he gained plenty of subscribers, Jonathan has now added a bit of variety towards the games that he plays and uploads. You can see loads of T.A.B., Assassin’s Creed Unity, Fallout 4, and of course, Grand Theft Auto V. Later on, he has now further extended the content of his channel to include other types of not limited to games – Such as fan songs, music videos, and other things. But you can be sure that all of his videos will reach over a million followers.

Career Focus: YouTube gamer

Popular Works: One of his famous videos is called ‘Among the Sleep Ep. 1 (Where’s Mommy)’.

Date Of Birth: 02-05-1987

Current State & Country: Virginia

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: North Carolina

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth Income: $2,500,000

Educational Credentials: Unknown

Jonathan wears a mask on his social networking sites, as well as his YouTube videos. His very first mask was based after Jason Voorhees, from the classic horror film, Friday the 13th. Then, while wearing his mask, Jonathan shared a photo of himself on social networking with his fans. They were later dubbed the ‘Delirious Army’.

One time, Jonathan ended up liking a video made by a fellow Youtuber named Evan Fong, nicknamed Vanoss. Fong was playing a round of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Jonathan decided to send him a message, asking if he wanted to play the game together. Fong accepted, and the rest is history.

At present, Jonathan has over 250K followers on his Instagram account. Since he wants to keep his personal life private, he chooses instead to upload photos of the games that he plays.

Career History Of H2O Delirious

Jonathan made his H2O Delirious channel on May 20, 2007. A lot of his gaming videos on Youtube revolve around popular titles such as WWE 2K14, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, Black Ops II, and Garry’s Mod. One of his most popular videos is called ‘Among the Sleep Ep. 1 (Where’s Mommy?)’. This particular video has over 12.6 million views and counting. Throughout his career as a Youtuber, Jonathan has made collaborations with his fellow online gamers, including Fong. In fact, Jonathan’s own channel grew in popularity after he appeared on Fong’s channel to play Call of Duty together. He has also done gaming collaborations with Wildcat, Lui Calibre, and Terroriser.

Jonathan’s channel is one of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube right now. He has over 10.1M subscribers, and collectively, his videos have at least two billion views. A couple of his other popular videos include ‘GTA5 Best Moments’, ‘Delirious Army’, ‘I am Delirious’, and ‘Mortal Combat X Ep 7 DLC’.

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Personal Life of H2O Delirious

His real name is Jonathan Dennis. Like most other Youtubers, he has not given any information about his family, so his mother and father’s names are unknown. He has sisters, but the exact number of siblings is also unknown. If Jonathan hasn’t even gotten around to revealing his face to the public until now, then there is a very slim chance that he will tell you more information about his personal life. Beyond his life as a Youtube gamer, he has not shared any information about himself. So it is also unknown whether he is taken, had a previous girlfriend, or the amount of girlfriends that he had previously.

Jonathan is reaching his 30s soon, but nobody knows if he is currently in a relationship. If he does have a girlfriend, her name is unknown and how long have they been together. There is also no information about whether he is actually straight or gay, married, or if he has kids. Simply put, Jonathan’s own details about his life are cryptic and secretive.

There is also a chance that he could be in a serious relationship with someone right now – Although he might not be mentioning it in his gaming videos because he likes to keep an air of mystery about him. And no matter how many times Jonathan has promised to reveal his face to his viewers, it either ends up being a prank, or he just forgets about it.

Net Worth of H2O Delirious

As of 2019, Jonathan’s channel has 12 million subscribers. All of his videos have an accumulated view count of 3B. His channel is so popular that it gets over 1M views per day, across all videos. And this will end up translating into a revenue of over $4,000 per day (or a whopping $1.5M per year.) Jonathan gets at least 6000 new subscribers daily, and this is already a high amount in itself.

Looking at his net worth, Jonathan seems to have gathered up a rather huge amount of cash because of YouTube. His channel earns him over $11.3K up to $180.1K each month. He also has over 10.8M subscribers, and all of his videos have an accumulated view count of 2.3B. Perhaps his mysterious nature has also earned him more subscribers as well, hoping to catch a glimpse of his face.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of H2O Delirious

There are rumors that Jonathan actually does some office work in real life, when he hasn’t changed into his YouTube persona. He has not told his boss that he is a YouTube celebrity with millions of subscribers. Last April 2015, he tricked his loyal fans and curious onlookers by telling them that he will soon reveal his real face. Instead, he showed them a photo of a character from Grand Theft Auto V. Naturally, his fans were dismayed. This was repeated two days later in April 2017. A month before this, Jonathan got himself into trouble with several fans after he posted a sniping video on his channel.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About H2O Delirious

No rumors are available, as Jonathan is a very private and mysterious person.

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