Heidi Russo (Colin Kaepernick’s Birthmom) Wiki: Net Worth, Son & Facts

Who Is Heidi Russo?

Heidi Zabransky-Russo gave birth to her son Colin Rand Kaepernick on November 3, 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was only nineteen when she had him. Russo raised Kaepernick as a single mother, after Kaepernick’s father left them. Because Russo was Kaepernick’s birth mother, people became curious about her and wanted to know about her personal life. They also wanted to find out what happened so many years ago that caused her to give up her son for adoption.
Russo currently lives in Denver, Colorado. She is a registered nurse who lives with three other children, ages 12, 6, and 3. Her husband is Heath Russo. Russo and her family are currently living a quiet, private life, and she seems to be enjoying her job as a nurse.
Because Russo has never been present in her famous son’s life, she does not associate with him in both his professional and personal life.

Career Focus: Nurse

Popular Works: Co-founder of Linked Thru Love and the Three Stands Organization

Date Of Birth: 1969, Exact date unknown

Current State & Country: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Denver, Colorado, USA

Height: 6’2”

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth Income: Unknown

Educational Credentials: Unknown, But she is a registered nurse

Heidi Russo

Kaepernick’s biological father supposedly left him and Russo after finding out that he got her pregnant. And throughout the course of her pregnancy, Russo’s parents, James and Phyllis Zabransky convinced their daughter to keep her baby. But since Russo went through so much trauma, she decided to give away her newborn son to another couple – Rick and Teresa Kaepernick.

Russo met Teresa and Rick who soon adopted her son whom she named Colin. During the adoption process, the couple revealed that they have previously lost two children because of a heart defect. Only two of their four children were still alive – A daughter named Devon, and a son named Kyle. After they had adopted Kaepernick, Rick, who previously resided with his family in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, made the big move to California.

Russo herself had some contact with Rick and Teresa when Kaepernick was still little. And with that, she had followed his journey to football stardom. She has expressed an interest for form a closer relationship with her son in 2012.

Aside from Kaepernick, Russo has three other children: Alex, Ethan, and Michael. There is not much information regarding Russo’s other kids, or even her husband, Heath.

Career History Of Heidi Russo

Russo works as a nurse in Denver, Colorado. She became an ICU nurse for over 17 years. Russo has also previously worked as a hospital supervisor. In her Twitter, she mentions that she is the co-founder of an organization called Linked Thru Love along with her friend, Jami Marcantonio. Linked Thru Love serves to advocate against the stereotyping and stigmatization of young mothers and birthmothers. It also aims to educate people regarding the idea of adoption. Russo and Marcantonio are also the founders of another non-profit organization called Three Strands. Three Strands’ main goal is to help out birthmothers from the stigmatization that they face regularly.

Colin Kaepernick’s Birthmom

Personal Life Of Heidi Russo

Because she is Kaepernick’s mom, she does her best to actively monitor and follow his celebrity status and success, which just keeps on increasing day by day. Even though Russo herself has never been in touch with Kaepernick, giving him up for adoption when he was only a newborn, she has gone out to his football games to watch him play and give her support. Of course, the more she saw him, the more she wanted to build a relationship with him.

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Two decades later, Russo tries as much as possible to stay in touch with her son. Kaepernick, meanwhile, avoids any sort of confrontation when it comes to his biological mother. Even though she lives a quiet life with her husband and three kids, Russo is still struggling to deal with the truth that Kaepernick and her will never be close.

Net Worth Of Heidi Russo

Because she is a private person, Russo’s exact net worth is unknown to the public. However, her son’s own net worth is at an estimated $22 million. Despite the fact that people believed he will lose plenty of cash and sponsorships because of the national anthem controversy, this further brought him into the spotlight and he gained plenty of support and endorsements.
In 2011, Kaepernick signed a contract with the San Francisco 49ers worth $5.1 million. Aside from that, he also obtained a $2.26 million signing bonus, apart from an increase in his annual salary of $375,000. A year later, he received an annual salary of $607,000 while in 2013, it went up to $840,000.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Heidi Russo

While Kaepernick grew famous under the spotlight because of his controversial kneeling down while the US national anthem was playing – As a form of protest against the oppression of minorities and blacks, everyone seemed to have an opinion about the whole thing. And yes, this included his birth mother. Russo went to Twitter to talk about her son. She expressed that there are actually plenty of other ways that someone can make a change without bringing shame to the country and family, or disrespecting it. These have all given Kaepernick plenty of blessings. Russo ended her statement by advising her son to be respectful and smart. Of course, plenty of people supported her statement – But at the same time, there were also a lot of people who criticized her for using a public platform to talk about this issue.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Heidi Russo

In a newspaper column, a veteran sportscaster once thought how strange it was that Kaepernick had no intentions of wanting to meet his birthmother. And even though its true that plenty of adopted kids are curious about their real birth parents, this isn’t necessarily true for most of them. Some of these adopted kids don’t feel obligated to form a relationship with them either.
When the sportscaster asked Kaepernick the real reason why he didn’t want to reconnect with Russo, out of respect for his own adoptive parents, Kaepernick stated that Rick and Teresa, and his two adoptive siblings, were the only family he knows. It had nothing to do with respect at all.

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