Jacqueline Ray Bio: Net Worth,Educational, Height & Personal Life

Who Is Jacqueline Ray ?

Jacqueline Mary Ray is an American actress, and a former model. Ray is famous for her lead role in the film, Beyond The Universe. It was an unknown film released in 1981, and the director is Robert Emenegger. Ray has also made appearances on several television series, the most famous one being on the hit show, Magnum PI. She shared the screen with actors Larry Manetti, John Hillerman, Roger E. Mosely, and of course, its lead star, Tom Selleck.
At present, Ray is currently in jail. She is serving eighteen years of prison, beginning in 2014. Ray was guilty of hiring a hitman to murder her son-in-law, Leon Bauchum.

Career Focus: Modeling, Acting

Popular Work: Magnum PI (1980-1988, CBS), Beyond the Universe (1981, Robert Emenegger), In Like Flint (1967, Gordon Douglas), The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980, Robert Emenegger), Unfabulous (2004-2007, Nickelodeon), Dallas (1978-1991)

Date Of Birth: 17-07-1952

Current State & Country: Washington, USA

Nationality: America

Home State & Country: Burbank, California, USA

Height: 5’7”

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth Income: $5,000,000

Educational Credentials: High school graduate in California

Ray is Caucasian. She is a natural blonde, but ended up dying her hair brown which fits her pale complexion very nicely. According to the pictures of her found on Google Images, Ray possesses a lithe, athletic figure. However, her beauty is only one of her many positive attributes. Her body measurements are 36-24-36 inches. She is 67 years old this year. As a child, Ray always wants to take up acting. Right after she graduated from high school, she started taking acting lessons right away, and launched a career in Hollywood, beginning as a model. Ray landed her very first role in an obscure 1967 movie called In Like Flint. The director of In Like Flint Gordon Douglas.

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Career History Of Jacqueline Ray:

Ray was a model during her younger year. She was quite the looker, and because of this, her face is a fixture in several popular fashion magazines. Her performance in the 1967 movie In The Flint gained praises, and this opened the doors for her to step into Hollywood. Ray would later go on to star in two more obscure movies – 1981’s Beyond The Universe, and The Killings Of Outpost Zeta, released a year earlier. Both of them were directed by Robert Emenegger. However, it was Ray’s role in Beyond The Universe which would catapult her towards the A-list status in Hollywood. Later on, Ray would also make several appearances in a popular 1980s show, Magnum PI. Magnum PI was a crime drama which aired on CBS from 1980 to 1988.
After she had filmed several episodes of the hit TV series, Ray portrayed the role of Marie Walker in another popular 80s soap opera – Dallas. In 1983, her episodes came out. Dallas is a show on CBS which ran from 1978 to 1991. The show revolves around several rich families in Texas. In the same year, Ray was on another crime drama series on ABC called Matt Houston. Matt Houston starred Lee Horsely, Pamela Hensley, Lincoln Kirkpatrick, Cis Rundle, and George Wyner. It ran from 1982 to 1985.
Ray found a new audience in 2006 when she appeared in a Nickelodeon live-action show called Unfabulous. Unfabulous was a teen sitcom, and starred Emma Roberts (niece of Julia Roberts) as Addie Singer, an aspiring musician and pop star. The series had its own spin-off, called Unfabulous: The Best Trip Ever, released in 2007. Apart from that, Ray played the role of Dr. Marcia Forrest in an episode of the highly-acclaimed, Golden Globe award-winning show The New Mark Hammer.
As mentioned earlier, Ray is serving time in jail.

Personal Life Of Jacqueline Ray

Ray married three times. Her first marriage was to an unknown man who goes by the last name Shepard. Shepard’s first name, and full name, is unknown. In 1996, Ray gave birth to her first child and only child with Shepard – A boy named Kevin.
Then in May 1971, Ray married her Magnum PI co-star Tom Selleck. This happened during a period in which Selleck was still struggling to make it to Hollywood and land roles left and right. Selleck and Ray divorced after eleven years of marriage – Apparently there were rumors that Ray was very jealous of the attention Selleck was getting from female fans of the show. After their divorce, Selleck married Jillie Mack in 1987. Mack is a dancer and a former actress. He also ended up adopting Ray’s son Kevin, who now goes by the name of Kevin Selleck. Kevin has followed the footsteps of his father and is also an actor himself – He has starred in TV shows such as Scream 2, and the 2018 remake of the older Selleck’s show. Kevin’s wife is Annabelle Selleck.
At least a decade after her divorce with Selleck, Ray married once again. This time, it was to Clarence Barry Witmer. Their wedding was on March 21, 1992. But unfortunately, this one didn’t last too long either, and they soon filed for divorce. Ray later had several relationships with non-showbiz men after that. One of those relationships produced a daughter named Umeko.
Aside from the obvious fact that she’s serving jail time, Ray has never opened up a social media account. This is why it’s difficult for her fans to keep in touch with her.

Net Worth Of Jacqueline Ray

Throughout her career, Ray has managed to acquire a rather huge salary and net worth because of her acting and modeling jobs. Even though she has not revealed her exact salary, she already has an estimated net worth that equals to $1 million. Meanwhile, Selleck, her ex-husband, has a bigger net worth, amounting to over $45 million. This is according to websites Celebrity Net Worth and The Richest. During his Magnum PI days, Tom’s earnings each year are around $25 million.

Controversial News About The Life & Career Of Jacqueline Ray

Ray’s life took a turn for the worse after she had committed a crime. She hired a hitman to kill her son-in-law, Leon Bauchum. According to several rumors, Bauchum was very abusive towards Ray’s daughter Umeko, as well as their children. This is perhaps the reason why Ray hired a professional hitman named Luis Barker to kill Bauchum. Barker reportedly beat up Bauchum first, then shot him when he was unconscious. They threw Bauchum’s body on the side of the road. Ray has reportedly paid Barker a hefty $12,000. Soon, the police caught wind of the crime, and Ray ended up in jail. She is currently serving up to eighteen years in prison. Barker is currently serving up to 34 years in jail, charged with second-degree murder.
During the trial, Ray admitted to the crime and apologized. Her daughter Umeko took her mother’s side, and told Judge Stanley Rumbaugh that her mother was only trying to protect her, and that she wasn’t evil. This sensational story about the event is taken up by major media outlets and gossip sites.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Jacqueline Ray:

As she is in jail at the moment, there are no rumors regarding Ray and her whereabouts.

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