Jena Frumes : Bio, Net Worth, Age, Dating, Boyfriend & Family

Who Is Jena Frumes?

There are loads of stars nowadays who managed to gain fame simply because they have a pretty huge following on social networking sites. One of these is Jena Frumes. Frumes is an Instagram model and social media celebrity. Her account on the popular photo-sharing app has over 3.4 million followers. Thanks to her success in social media, she has also branched out to television shows, and made-for-TV movies. Let’s dive right in to Frumes’ own personal life and get to know more about her and her family.

Career Focus: Modeling, Youtube star

Popular Works: She is a social media star, and has a very popular Instagram account. Frumes also owns a Youtube channel.

Date Of Birth: 21-09-1993

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Current State & Country: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Union Beach, New Jersey, USA

Net Worth Income: $250,000

Educational Credentials: North Carolina Central University

Judging by her posts on her social media, Frumes seems to care so much for the environment, and with good reason. She enjoys taking modeling shots with animals. She is a die-hard nature lover. On her Twitter account, one of her top posts is a message for the people to lessen their use of plastic products, as it may end up damaging the seas.

Frumes has always wanted to become an actress and a model even when she was a child. She decided to pursue her dreams, and now she is very successful in her social media fame and modeling appearances. But she wanted to become a real professional model as well – So Frumes made a portfolio and began visiting several modeling agencies, hoping to start a career. This gave her the opportunity to endorse so many products and brands from these agencies, turning her into an expert in modeling. Frumes’ parents weren’t too sure about the path that their daughter wanted to take in her career – But thankfully, she proved them wrong.
She owns a dog named Yoda.

Career History of Jena Frumes

Frumes was initially popular on Instagram thanks to her unique beauty. Her looks caused her to gain quite a following. She soon started building up a career as a model. Then she gained an even bigger audience after appearing on an episode of the MTV show, Wild N’ Out, hosted by comedian Nick Cannon. After Frumes’ appearance on the show, people became curious to find out who she was. She is very close to the Wild ‘N Out staff, including female stars in the show like Brittany Dailey. Appearing alongside Frumes in the episode was Fall Out Boy member, Pete Wentz.

Frumes continued making a living by showing up in several music videos. One of these was for the song ‘Ah Yeah’, by singer Jacob Latimore. Then soon enough, Frumes made her acting debut in a sports-themed drama called Mango Guava.

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Personal Life of Jena Frumes

Frumes was born on September 1993. Her lineage is a mixed bag – She is half Native American, with a bit of French and African ancestry, giving her that unique look. Her parents’ names and occupation are unknown. It is not known either whether they are a happy family, or have gone through divorce. Frumes has a younger sister. Her birthplace is in Durham, New Jersey.

Frumes was a college student at the North Carolina Central University, in Durham.

As far as we know, Frumes is not in a relationship with anyone at the moment – Her past boyfriend is football star Jesse Lingard, a player for the Manchester United. He plays forward position in the team. They were together for a long time, but unfortunately, the two of them ended things off later on. However, they still seem to remain close friends. When asked why Frumes ended her relationship with Lingard, she replied that the timing of their relationship was off, and they didn’t get the chance to make it work. Frumes has also wished her ex-beau with nothing but the best life, and that they will miss their times together. Lingard and Frumes met in the US back in 2016, but they didn’t start their relationship until 2017. The two of them enjoyed traveling to different places together, such as Barcelona. She has even flown to his hometown of Manchester to celebrate her birthday with him.
Before Lingard, Frumes has also dated an NFL football player named Antonio Brown. The two of them were in a relationship until 2017. She has been previously linked to actor, comedian, and TV host Nick Cannon, who is the host of the MTV show Wildin’ Out. Cannon was previously married to singer Mariah Carey.

Net Worth of Jena Frumes

Frumes has had plenty of endorsements during her time as a model. A lot of these endorsements are fashion-oriented. Examples include sporting goods such as bikinis and beachwear. Frumes has not mentioned her current salary, but her net worth is said to be at around $250,000. She is very active on her social media accounts. Her Instagram, in which she gained fame, has over 3.5 million followers. Frumes owns a YouTube channel, where she has over 36,000 subscribers. She updates the content in her YouTube channel pretty frequently. Her videos include vacation vlogs, daily vlogs, and fashion or makeup reviews where she tries on sponsored products. Once in a while, Frumes uploads behind-the-scenes clips of her magazine photoshoots. She enjoys posting helpful DIY videos for hair and beauty. The most popular video on her channel is her ‘Get to Know me’ video, which has over 82K views. Aside from Instagram and Youtube, Frumes also has 134K followers on her Twitter account.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Jena Frumes

Frumes seemed to have confirmed her split with former boyfriend Lingard in her Twitter account. The two of them have been together for fifteen months, but it was only until December that Lingard publicized his relationship with Frumes.

Frumes mentions that she truly enjoyed her time with him, and wishes him the best in his life and football career. Just a few days after the breakup announcement, Frumes went to her Instagram account and wrote a message which was obviously about her ex, even though his name was never mentioned. She also advises her fans to not “understand everything” there is to know about the situation.

Lingard wasn’t too happy about the breakup, however. It seems to have suffered in his football playing too, as his team, Manchester United, ended up losing several games after that. In an interview after one of these games, he says that he is “Sad, hurt, disappointed, and angry” over the outcome.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Jena Frumes

Frumes had a rather nasty meltdown on her Instagram account recently over her new boyfriend, Antonio Brown. It is suspected that Brown was cheating on Frumes during their relationship – With a woman pregnant with his baby. On her Instagram, Frumes states that she didn’t like getting “used for a publicity stunt by a person that they liked, just so you could piss their ex off”. She even went as far as to tweeting Brown’s number, so people can help her get her things and clothes back.

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