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Who Is Joe Rogan?

Joseph James “Joe” Rogan is an American entertainer. He is known for his hosting stints on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and for his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. During the mid-2000s, Rogan was more known as the host of Fear Factor. Aside from these jobs, he also performs stand-up comedy routines, does a bit of acting, is a businessman, and works as a color commentator for several mixed martial arts events.

Career Focus: Martial arts artist, Stand-up comedian, TV host, Entertainer, Podcaster

Popular Works: [Television] Fear Factor (2001-2012, NBC), MADtv (1995-2016, Fox) Ultimate Fighting Championship (2002-Present, Filmed in Las Vegas), Just Shoot Me! (1997-2003, NBC), Good Morning Miami (2002-2004, NBC), The Man Show (1999-2004, Comedy Central), Chappelle’s Show (2003-2006, Comedy Central), Last Comic Standing (2003-2015, NBC), The Ultimate Fighter (2005-Present, Spike TV), UFC Ultimate Insider (2012-Present, Fox Sports 1), Joe Rogan Questions Everything (2013, SyFy), Silicon Valley (2014-Present, HBO) [Films] Zookeeper (2011, Frank Coraci), Bright (2017, David Ayer) [Web] The Joe Rogan Experience podcast (2009-Present)

Date Of Birth: 11-08-1967

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 195 lbs.

Current State & Country: Bell Canyon, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Newark, New Jersey, USA

Net Worth Income: $25,000,000

Educational Credentials: University Of Massachusetts, Newton South High School

Rogan suffers from vitiligo on both his hands and feet. He does not consider himself as either a Democrat or a Republican. However, he states that he has “very liberal’ views regarding certain topics. Rogan is a supporter of healthcare, LGBTQ rights, gay marriage, women’s rights, and marijuana legalization. During the 2016 elections, he was a staunch supporter of Libertarian party candidate, Gary Johnson. However, Rogan is also a believer of the Second Amendment, a law in the US Constitution which allows people to own guns and other weapons.
Rogan is a critic of the Catholic Church, and identifies as agnostic. He has also cited Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, and Richard Jeni as his comedy influences.Joe Rogan

Career History

Rogan started gaining an interest in martial arts while he played baseball as a teenager. He started taking karate lessons when he was fourteen, and also began joining taekwondo competitions. He won his very first US Open Championship tournament when he was only 19, and went on to become an instructor. At the same time, Rogan also took up kickboxing, and held a record of 2-1. He stopped taking part in these competitions after he started experiencing chronic headaches, fearing that it might lead to something much more serious.

In 1994, Rogan moved to Los Angeles to start working on radio and television – But he still considered pursuing a professional kickboxing or martial arts career. It was actually never his dream to become a stand-up comedian. After the persistence of his friends at Taekwondo School, Rogan started practicing his stand-up comedy chops, performing his first routine in 1988. He still taught martial arts on the side to earn a living. His first acting role was in an NBC sitcom called NewsRadio, which ran from 1995 to 1999.

Rogan officially became a backstage and post-fight interviewer for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). In 2005, he gained popularity after becoming the host of the reality competition show, Fear Factor. In between his hosting and interview gigs, Rogan continued to do stand-up.

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He has also done film appearances both as an actor, and as a stand-up comic. In 2011, Rogan played the role of Gale in the comedy Zookeeper, which starred Kevin James. Then in 2017, he appeared on the David Ayer-directed Netflix film, Bright. Despite getting panned by critics, Bright still went on to become a huge success.
Rogan is currently the host of his own podcast show, called The Joe Rogan Experience. The very first episode, which was recorded in 2009, was aired on Ustream. Eventually, it became a live weekly broadcast. It moved to online radio station SiriusXM in 2011. You can find past episodes of the podcast on Rogan’s official website. Its episodes are recorded in a private studio located in Woodland Hills, California.

Personal Life Of Joe Rogan

Rogan was born on August 11, 1967. His birthplace is in Newark, New Jersey. Rogan’s grandfather moved his family to Newark back in the 1940s, and that’s where most of his family lives. Rogan was named after his dad, Joseph, who worked as a police officer. According to Rogan, Joseph was very abusive towards his mother – But Rogan never had spite towards him. He himself was never abused. His parents divorced when he was five, and he and his mother moved several times – First to San Francisco, California, then to Gainesville, Florida. They ended up settling in Massachusetts. Rogan graduated from high school in 1985. He dropped out of college, as he was never really interested in pursuing a degree.

Rogan is married to Jessica Ditzel, a former waitress at a cocktail bar. The two of them have been married since 2009. Rogan and Ditzel have three children: Two biological daughters (one born in 2008 and 2010), and another daughter from Ditzel’s previous marriage. Prior to Ditzel, Rogan dated television actress Jerri Manthey, from 1997 to 2003. He has also been previously linked with model, Lakana Zee.

Net Worth Of Joe Rogan

Rogan’s current net worth is at $25,000,000. He definitely is a man of many talents – He is a certified martial arts instructor and expert, a kickboxer, TV host, actor, and a stand-up comedian. Rogan has been active in the business for a long time, so it’s not surprising that he has racked up so much cash. Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, is one of the most popular podcasts on the Internet today. It has over 30,000 subscribers, and close to 1,300 episodes since it started in 2009. He has over 4M followers on Twitter, and 6M followers on Instagram. He is also one of the most recognizable faces of UFC, so he probably gets a huge salary for his interviews and appearances too.

Rogan and his family live in a $5M mansion located in Bell Canyon, California. Though not as popular as Hollywood Hills, Calabasas, or Beverly Hills, Bell Canyon is still home to the rich and famous. The area is filled with sprawling mansions, including Rogan’s own.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Joe Rogan

Rogan gained controversy after he made an offhand comment about Jose Aldo, a fighter for the UFC. He says that Aldo’s body looked “deflated and smooth”. Rogan later apologized to both Aldo and his trainer, Andre Pederneiras, saying that he has nothing but respect for both of them.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Joe Rogan

Rogan recently addressed those rumors that he was retiring from his hosting gig in the UFC. He said he wasn’t leaving anytime soon, because his recent promotion, according to him, actually managed to reduce his workload for a bit. He initially contemplated about retiring because of his hectic travel schedule, and his other activities outside of UFC, including his famous podcast.

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