Joseph Sikora : Bio, Net Worth, Wedding, Family, Facts & Rumors

Who Is Joseph Sikora?

Joseph Sikora is one of TV’s newest rising stars. He is an American actor who has wowed TV viewers thanks to his amazing acting chops. Sometimes people see him as a doppelganger of the controversial rapper Eminem. Sikora is perhaps most famous for his role in Power, an American crime drama series which aired on the Starz network. He played the role of Tommy Egan in the show, and co-starred alongside Omari Hardwick and 50 Cent. The show started in 2014, and is still currently on air.

Prior to his role in the show, Sikora has also gained attention for his role as Wayne Applewood in the made-for-television movie Normal. It aired on HBO in 2003. The film was praised by critics, and landed several nominations and awards, including three Golden Globes. People started paying more attention to Sikora thanks to that movie.

He started his career as a child and teenage actor. Sikora has appeared in so many films, theater productions, and TV shows. When he was a child, he did a McDonald’s ad along with basketball legend, Michael Jordan.

Career Focus: Actor

Popular Works: Plays the role of Tommy Egan on the Starz show Power. He is also known for portraying Wayne Applewood in the HBO series, Normal.

Date Of Birth: 27-06-1976

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 171 lbs.

Current State & Country: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Net Worth Income: $400,000

Educational Credentials: Notre Dame College Prep, Columbia College Chicago (Major – Theater)

Sikora’s parents are Albin Joseph Sikora, and Barbara Jo “Barb” Sikora. He has two brothers named Albin and Christopher – All three of them share the same birthday. But they’re not triplets – Sikora and his brothers have an age gap of four years. One of his notable appearances on film was alongside A-list star Tom Cruise in the film Jack Reacher.

His co-stars in the Starz show Power included Richard Gere, Lela Loren, Denzel Washington, Kate Capshaw, and rapper 50 Cent. Even though Sikora portrays a marijuana dealer on the show, he has never spoken about taking drugs in his life. According to an interview with Tribune columnist, Rick Kogan, he did sell weed as a teenager, but he has never smoked it.

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Sikora is also active on his social networking sites, including facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Career History of Joseph Sikora

His first role came in 1990. When he was only fourteen, he appeared in a few episodes of a TV show called The New Adam-12. Then soon enough came his first role on the big screen – Playing young Johnny Wilson in the film, Rudy. In 2006, he made his debut as a Broadway actor. Since then, Sikora has portrayed more characters on film, compared to appearances on TV and theater. He had a lead part in the series The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, and was a part of Chicago’s Shattered Globe Theater Company. In 2007, Sikora bagged a role in a horror film called Night Skies.

Sikora appeared on the popular ABC drama Lost in 2008. In 2009, he starred in the series Doll House, then in the show Boardwalk Empire in 2010. He has done guest appearances on shows such as Rubicon, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. More TV appearances followed, including She Holler, in which he portrayed the role of The Sherriff, and The Heart. Sikora appeared in one season of True Detective. After that came the shows Safe, Jack Reacher, and Unforgettable. All in all, he has done 28 TV appearances and over 11 movies, with more on the way.

Personal Life of Joseph Sikora

Sikora is married, but his wife’s name is unknown. He reportedly married her in 2014 in a secret ceremony. The woman is said to be a makeup artist, and Sikora and her have been together for several years before tying the knot. According to some sources, the two of them met when he was still in the show Boardwalk Empire in 2010. Co-starring alongside Sikora were Vincent Piazza, Kelly Macdonald, and Steve Buscemi.

There is no information or clues as to what Sikora’s wife looks like. But according to several reports, the woman is from New Jersey. Sikora even refers to his wife as a ‘Jersey girl’, because the stereotypical Jersey girl wears bright clothes, flashy accessories, and heavy makeup. The two supposedly reside in Manhattan, New York. Sikora’s mother, Barbara, loves the couple so much and thinks that they are very good for each other. His close friends and relatives are the only ones who know about his wife, and they have kept information about her a secret.

Net Worth of Joseph Sikora

Sikora’s current net worth is at around $400,000. This is due to his career as an actor. He has been in so many successful films, such as Jack Reacher. It made over $218.3M in the box office after it premiered in 2012. It also had a production budget worth $60M. Meanwhile, Sikora’s appearances on TV shows such as Power, She Holler, Boardwalk Empire, and The Heart, have also given him a pretty decent pay. This increased his total net worth in the process.

Sikora is definitely living the good life thanks to his success as an actor. He currently owns a Mossy car. He also likes to visit plenty of expensive holiday destinations, so it seems like he prefers living a lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

Controversial News on The Life & Career

Similar to a handful of other actors in which people confuse their characters to be the real version of themselves because of their portrayal, Sikora has had his own fair share of controversies and rumors about his sexual preference. He is a very private person, and has never spoken about his personal life in interviews. Therefore, this makes it difficult for the media and the general public to find out whether he is currently in a relationship or not. But Sikora’s own character in Power has seemingly gotten people talking. It left the audiences and his fans wondering if he really was the same person as the character he plays in the show. This goes right down to the preferences. Sikora’s character, Tommy, is a bit flamboyant and enjoys wearing makeup. This has caused some viewers to assume that Sikora is gay as well. But he is not – He is straight and married to a woman.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions

As he is a very private person, rumors about Sikora’s sexual orientation have run rampant. But in a way, he has dispelled rumors about him being gay by occasionally talking about his wife on Twitter. Interestingly enough, he has never revealed his wife’s name. But the fact that he is married to a woman has removed the rumors about him being gay.

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