Kristen Hancher Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend & Facts

Who Is Kristen Hancher?

One of the reasons why Kristen Hancher stands out amongst other artists is that she has the skills and abilities to perfectly lip sync to various songs. And with her love of music, she tends to heat things up by adding some amazing choreographed dancing to go with it. Hancher was born in Canada, on May 17, 1999. Aside from her social media apps, Hancher also runs her own Youtube channel, in which she uploads a whole assortment of videos that cover different topics. This includes dare videos, challenge videos, makeup tutorials, style videos, and even comedy sketches.

Kristen Hancher
Hancher tends to focus on what’s popular on Youtube nowadays, so she knows what kind of content to produce for her loyal fans. Aside from her own Youtube channel, Hancher also updates the Muser Family official Youtube channel. She is a part of the Muser Family, a clique of famous Youtubers. As much as possible, Hancher tries to keep her channel’s content kid-friendly, and this has earned her plenty of popularity with adults.

Career Focus: Social media celebrity, Dancer, Singer, Actress

Popular Work: Her work on the lip-syncing app,

Date Of Birth: 17-05-1999

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 126 lbs.

Current State & Country: Canada

Nationality: Canadian

Home State & Country: Canada

Net Worth Income: $400,000

Educational Credentials: Hancher was a student at an unnamed Canadian art school. She studied there for three years, taking up a course in acting and drama.

Hancher lives with her brother, Derrek, and her parents. Derrek himself is also a popular star on social media, with over 49K followers on his Instagram account. Hancher is a huge sports fan – Her favorite game is soccer. Her favorite player is the Seattle Sounders FC forward, Clint Dempsey. Hancher’s favorite brand is Nike, which specializes in sportswear and active wear. One of her biggest dreams is to travel the world, and a lot of her daily vlogs are usually filmed while she’s outdoors and doing outdoor activities.

Hancher’s favorite movie is 22 Jump Street, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Her favorite actor is Jim Carrey. Back in the day, her makeup tutorial vlogs often consisted of bold looks with prominent colors – But now, she prefers an all-natural look with minimal amounts of makeup, or even a bare face. Hancher has appeared in her own music video called ‘London Calling’.

Career History Of Kristen Hancher

Before she became a superstar, Hancher already had a bit of a following on the website YouNow. YouNow is a live streaming site which allows its users to host their own live content in real time. In 2015, Hancher made the big move to She became popular in that app, gaining even more followers than ever before. Throughout the course of her career on the app, Hancher has made dozens of collaborations with several other popular users. Eventually, Hancher became a member of a Youtube clique called Muser Family. The two other members of the family are Taylor Skeens, and Loren Gray.

Before joining, Hancher was popular on the live broadcasting website, YouNow. In May 2017, she made her very first upload to the app – A clip of her lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Regret in Your Tears’. Hancher’s Youtube channel covers the most popular trends on Youtube today. This includes music videos, hairstyle tutorials, and fashion or makeup tutorials. A lot of her videos usually revolves around a particular story or theme. And thanks to her skills in acting, dancing, sports, and music, she is able to combine two or more of these things. Sometimes Hancher conducts interviews with herself, or gives short performances of herself as an actress.

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Personal Life Of Kristen Hancher

As Hancher is still in her late teens, she is not yet married. She still needs to live her best life first, before she could decide to find a man for her and start a family. As of now, she seems to be enjoying all of the successes that she has acquired, thanks to her devotion and dedication with the work that she does.
However, Hancher has had several boyfriends before – One of them is with a boy named Andrew Gregory. The two of them began a relationship in April 2016. The couple seem to enjoy each other’s company, and there are no signs that they’re breaking up anytime soon.

Net Worth Of Kristen Hancher

Thanks to her influence on social media, it seems like Hancher has earned a good amount of cash because of this. A lot of her current income is obtained from posting on social networking sites. But her exact salary and earnings are still unknown. At present, it is believed that Hancher earns around $2.5K to $38.5K from her Youtube uploads. And at the same time, each upload on Instagram allows her to grab over $1,000K to $1,500K. Her current net worth is believed to be $400,000 as of last year.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Kristen Hancher

Hancher recently debuted a brand new look on her Instagram page, which caused her loyal fans to feel worried and scared about their idol. This is the first time that she has also sported this kind of look, and this left the fans feeling mighty confused as well. Then in August last year, Hancher took on a noticeably skinny appearance in her newer videos, and fans were concerned that she wasn’t eating right, or that she was secretly suffering from an eating disorder. However, Hancher was quick to dismiss those rumors, stating that she was very healthy and only had a naturally slim appearance. She also didn’t like the fact that her fans were “skinny-shaming” her.

In 2017, a three-minute clip of Hancher and Gregory surfaced on the Internet, with the two young teens seemingly engaging in sexual activity. The clip, which supposedly came from Hancher’s YouNow account or one of her Instagram livestreams, garnered 14,000 views in just a short span of time. Hancher and Gregory denied that it was the two of them in that clip, and asked everyone to forget that it ever happened.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Kristen Hancher

There was yet another rumor about Hancher that started spreading, after her fans started seeing changes in the way she looked – That she had secretly gone under the knife. Some of her detractors quickly assumed this, after her recent photos showed her looking too skinny, or her face having a rather unusual angle. A couple of them even began uploading before and after photos of Hancher for comparison, so they can see what the fuss is all about, and to prove that their guesses were correct. Hancher once again slammed these rumors, crediting her new look to a Facetune app that gets rid of your blemishes.

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