Lena The Plug Bio: Facts, Net Worth, Boyfriend & More

Who Is Lena The Plug?

Lena Nerseain, more popularly known as Lena the Plug, is a popular fitness enthusiast and Youtuber. She is known for her channel called Lena The Plug, on Youtube. Her channel is mostly composed of fitness tutorials and daily workouts. Thanks to her channel, Lena has gained huge popularity with the public. Aside from Youtube, she is also popular on other social networking sites such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. She seems to have lived the life she has always dreamed of, and doesn’t care what society thinks of her. This is perhaps the reason why she stands out amongst all of the other fitness Youtubers out there.

Lena, however, is also a good example of a ‘bad girl’. She is pretty much the type of woman that society tends to judge. She likes to show off a bold and daring image towards her audience. The fitness model makes use of her glamorous body to increase her following on all of her websites, including all of her social networking platforms. She has a curvy, perfect, and attractive body who’s a bit on the slimmer side. Lena has a measurement of 36-28-44. This includes her bust area, her waist, and hips, respectively. She has dark eyes with dark hair.

Lena The Plug

Career Focus: Fitness model, Youtuber, Social media star

Popular Works: Youtube channel, Leaked adult videos

Date Of Birth: 01-06-1991

Current State & Country: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Glendale, California, USA

Height: 5’1”

Weight: 121 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $1,000,000

Educational Credentials: University of California, Sta. Cruz (Major – Psychology), Lund University

Lena is of Armenian descent. She grew up in a conservative Christian household in Glendale, California. She doesn’t seem to have any siblings, making her an only child. When she was young, Lena loved reading books and graduated with a GPA of 3.69. She was initially provided admission into a post-college program at USC (University of Southern California) but was unable to continue studying because she could not afford $80,000 for her tuition. Lena has mentioned that her favorite hobbies are writing poetry, and reading.

While taking up psychology at USC, she decided to fly off to Sweden and study at Lund University as a part of their exchange student program. Lena has plenty of fond memories of her time there, and enjoyed the warm personality of these Swedes, as well as their delicious food. She also worked as a personal assistant, as well as a babysitter and nanny to kids who have autism, to earn a living.

Career History Of Lena The Plug

Lena’s first job was at a grocery store as an attendant. She was also an Uber driver for a short while, before she managed to find a job at a social media startup company. Lena also worked previously as the head of music at a place called Arsenic. After that, she opened up a Youtube channel where she would become famous. Her channel was called Lena the Plug, and was launched in 2016. Some of her early videos involve exercise and fitness. She has also uploaded daily lifestyle vlogs. As of this year, Lena’s channel has over 120 videos. Plenty of her videos contain interesting and bold content. A lot of fitness buffs enjoy watching her videos, or just like seeing what she does in her daily life.Lena The Plug

Personal Life Of Lena The Plug

Lena is currently in a relationship with Adam Grandmaison. He also goes by the name Adam22. The two of them have been in a relationship since September 2016. Just like his girlfriend, Grandmaison is also popular on Youtube, with at least a million subscribers. His channel is officially named ‘No Jumpers’. Apart from that, Grandmaison is also known for launching the most popular (at least, according to him) BMX website called The Come Up. He owns a BMX store and clothing line in Los Angeles. Lena and Grandmaison often engage in three-way sex, and have no problems whatsoever with filming and leaking their videos. They have even performed these acts in front of several friends. There are videos of the couple engaging in sexual activities with other Instagram-famous personalities, such as Emily Rinaudo and Taylor White.

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Net Worth Of Lena The Plug

Plenty of sources have mentioned that Lena has a current net worth of over $1 million. A lot of this cash has been obtained through her Youtube videos. Meanwhile, she earns at least $3,196.5 by uploading pictures on Instagram – So Lena earns an average of $19.1K each month. All in all, she earns over $14.3K for each suggestive photo that she uploads. In fact, she even earns money from her leaked tapes. As she keeps doing her business, it is already expected that her net worth will keep climbing up. Meanwhile, Lena has also earned additional income through charging people each month so they can see her uncensored pictures and videos on her Snapchat premium account.

Lena is currently the owner of a Hyundai car that costs over $10,690 to $28,940.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Lena The Plug:

Lena has stated many times that she is bisexual. She revealed this info of hers in 2017 through her Twitter account. She also admits that she has been in relationships with women before, which began when she was still in college.

Lena was once dragged into a controversy after she allowed a friend of hers, Emily Rinaldo, to have sex with her boyfriend. This comes in a clip simply titled ‘I let my best friend have sex with my boyfriend’. In the clip, Lena is seen lying in bed in her underwear with her female friend, getting ready for a three-way with her boyfriend. After the clip was uploaded, Lena received plenty of criticism from the public.

On January 2017, Lena uploaded a video called ‘$extape at 1 Million’ in which she promises to release a sex tape with her boyfriend if her Youtube channel, as well as his own, reaches a million views each. This video also went viral, and managed to land over 13 million views. Lena gained many subscribers because of this video, eager to see if she would fulfill her promise or not. But these pervs have started to grow impatient because she hasn’t done anything. They started calling Lena out, asking her if she would keep the end of her bargain – Only to find out from her that she had changed her mind. Lena stated that she would not be releasing a tape with her boyfriend, as there are already so many leaked clips of her on the Internet.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Lena The Plug:

As she is openly bi, there are rumors that Lena has been with several ladies before, especially during her college years. These allegations are quite true – In fact, there are several videos of her out there that show her performing and receiving sexual acts from a fellow female.

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