Lucas Coly Bio, Facts, Family, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Relationship & Nationality

Who Is Lucas Coly?

Lucas Coly is a rapper. He is French-American. He once had a rather huge fanbase on the social media site Vine, back when the site was still active. He can rap in both French and English. But since Vine closed down, Coly has now moved to Instagram to show off his talents. He also has a following in his other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Coly has a Youtube channel where he uploads his rap videos. He likes to release his songs on his SoundCloud account as well. Previously, Coly was a member of a rap trio named Diamondz. The group is comprised of him, Dillyn Troy, and Willie Fryson III. However, the group later split up so they can pursue their individual musical endeavors. Coly later formed a duo with a friend named Nonso, called Lucas & Nonso – But that one didn’t last long either.

Coly is busy working on his brand new album. He hopes to share this album with his fans, and the people who are curious about his music. While he’s at it, Coly is always updating his fans about his daily life through his social media updates. He also likes uploading short rap videos on his Instagram.

Career Focus: Singer, rapper, social media personality

Popular Works: Got famous thanks to the social video-sharing app, Vine. His most popular music videos on Youtube include ‘I Just Wanna’, ‘My Little Shawty’, ‘Feel My Pain’, ‘Everytime I Roll Up’, ‘Live It’, and ‘How You Get It’.

Date of Birth: 08-07-1997

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 154 lbs.

Current State & Country: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Nationality: French-American

Home State & Country: France

Net Worth Income: $300,000

Educational Credentials: Coly graduated from a local school in his hometown of Michigan.

Coly’s father is from Senegal, a place in West Africa with French colonial heritage. Meanwhile, his mother is French. Coly is bi-racial. When he turned eight, him and his family moved to Texas, then later, Detroit. He has a brother.
Coly wasn’t exactly the best student. He admits that school and studying wasn’t really in his interests, and this caused his grades to plummet. But even if he flunked most of his subjects, he still managed to graduate from his school in Michigan. After graduating, Coly and his family moved to San Francisco.

He loved to rap, even when he was a young boy. This would later become the ticket to his fame and career.

Career History Of Lucas Coly

Coly is known as a rapper who incorporates both French and English into his works. He started gaining traction on social media back in 2013. He eventually began increasing his relevance and fanbase by initially uploading funny videos of himself on Vine. His other uploads have him showcasing his rapping skills. And because he wanted to succeed as a rapper, Coly opened up a Youtube channel where he likes uploading his rap and music videos. This turned out to be an even bigger success, especially compared to the fame he got on Vine. Nowadays, his Youtube channel has more than a million subscribers, with his videos having millions of views each as well. On his Vine, he only had around 450,000 followers.

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He got the chance to show off his rapping in a live audience last June 2016, when he performed at the Arizona Event Center. Since then, Coly had made his works available on music-sharing sites like SoundCloud and
Coly released his very first music video last 2016, for the song ‘I Just Wanna’. The video reached over 4.7M views on Youtube in just a short while. At present, it is the most popular video on his Youtube channel.

Personal Life Of Lucas Coly

At such a young age, Coly had already decided that he wanted to do rap music. He also had a knack for making jokes and having a good sense of humor. Apart from honing his rap skills, he was also a fan of comics and loved collecting them. When he turned twenty, Coly was already a huge success, with millions of followers on social media. He currently resides in Las Vegas, and is living the dream.

Coly is currently in a relationship with another social media star named Amber H. Amber is famous on Instagram, like him. The two of them actually met there – She was the one who slid into his DMs and sent him a message back in 2015. Amber likes posting fashion and makeup videos on her own Instagram and Youtube channel.

Both she and Coly often appear on each other’s channels and Instagram photos. There have been constant rumors that the two of them have split up or are facing troubles in their relationship, but both parties are always ready to dismiss those claims.

Net Worth Of Lucas Coly

Even though Coly himself has not revealed his exact net worth, it is estimated to be at around $300,000. He lives a rather lavish lifestyle, with a home in fabulous Las Vegas. Coly is an online sensation. He has plenty of followers on both Twitter (228K), and Instagram (1.6M) as of last year. All of this can be credited to his talent in rapping.

Coly has also released mixtapes that showcase more of his rap. In September 2016, he released his first mixtape called Prince of France, which had twenty tracks in it. Then his second one, Keep Pushing Volume 1, came out in 2017. These two tapes have surely helped Coly receive plenty of cash and add them to his net worth. It also helped boost his music and rap career, making his fanbase even bigger. There is no information at the moment regarding his home, his earning, his cars collection, as well as how much he earns from his social media and Youtube posts.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Lucas Coly

As mentioned, Coly can often be seen in his girlfriend Amber’s Instagram and Youtube updates. And in turn, she has made guest appearances in several of his music videos. The two of them are rarely apart – She even tags along with Coly while he is with his guy friends, and he joins her when she hangs out with her female buddies. This eventually led to a debate with his male fanbase, who believed that as a male, Coly needs his own ‘guy time’ too. But this didn’t faze the couple too much, and they are still together.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Lucas Coly

In 2017, there were speculations that Amber and Coly had ended their relationship, because a few of their videos had been deleted or set to private. Amber later started clearing things up in a video, stating that everything was going well between her and Coly. The videos were only detailed because of copyright issues.

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