Lud Foe: Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth & Personal life

Who Is Lud Foe?

Will James Akins, also known as Lud Foe, is African-American. He grew up in the west side of Chicago, Illinois. In his early days as a rapper, Akins was given the nickname ‘Shawty Foe’ by people that he met, especially older folk, as Akins has never told them his real name.
In 2017, a tragic accident almost cost Akins his life. After he recovered, he immediately recorded and released a mixtape titled GetWellFoe. After he released the tape, it made its way to the top of the iTunes Hip-Hop Top 100. One of the tape’s songs, appropriately titled ‘Recuperate’, remains to be one of the best songs in the album. Its official video has acquired over seven million views on Youtube.

Career Focus: Drill rapping

Popular Work: His mixtape GetWellFoe. He is also known for his hits ‘Gang in this B—h’, ‘Double dutch’, ‘Cuttin’ Up’, ‘I’m da man’, and ‘187’.

Date Of Birth: 15-07-1996

Current State & Country: Plainfield, Illinois, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 143 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $1,000,000

Educational Credentials: Unknown. Akins ended up dropping out of high school after he got himself into a fistfight with a classmate when he was only 15.

Lud Foe

Akins has since built a career as a drill rapper. He started out in 2015. He started out as a Youtuber, opening up a channel called Elevator. His uploaded videos on the channel have millions of likes. Akins has worked alongside other drill rappers, like Rondo Numba Nine, Toni Romiti, and Lil’ Bibby. All of his collaborations are included in the Elevator channel.
Akins shot to fame in 2016 after releasing several rap tracks. Two of these became hits – ‘Cutting up’ and ‘I’m da man’. At present, Akins is a part of a group of rappers called Four Corner Hustlers (4CH). His other hit is called ‘187’.

Career History Of Lud Foe

Akins was still quite young and rose to fame very fast. As mentioned, people started taking notice of him in 2015, after he released his debut rap track, called ‘187’. ‘187’ was produced by Bxnk-Roll Records. It was an instant success, and people started to wonder who this young talented rapper was. A year later, Akins released a second track called ‘I’m da man’. His next two were titled ‘Suicide’ and ‘Cutting up’. Then he eventually released his first mixtape which contained all four of his tracks, entitled Boochie Gang.

Akins was born in Chicago, Illinois. His birthday is on July 15, 1996. He jumped into the rap scene in 2015. Before making it big as a drill rapper, he shared his Elevator Youtube channel with his friends and fellow rappers: Toni Romiti, Lil’ Bibby, and RondoNumbaLine. The four of them would post their raps and mixtapes into this channel. Akins himself gained plenty of exposure once a remix of his song ‘Cutting Up’ ended up getting featured on OVO Sound Radio back in 2016.

Akins, going by his rapper name Lud Foe, is an up-and-coming rapper. He became famous after releasing several singles, including ‘I’m da man’ and ‘Cuttin’ Up’ in 2016. Nowadays, the Chicago native has produced several more hits after that. This includes ‘In and Out’, ‘What’s the Issue’, and his breakout hit, ‘187’. ‘187’ has been played so many times on his own Youtube account, garnering over 15M views in total.

Akins’ contract as a rapper has been co-signed by Lil’ Durk. Since then, Akins has released plenty of mixtapes and albums through the past couple of years – Such as No Hooks, Welcome to Chiraq: Lud Foe Edition, and GetWellFoe. When it comes to collaborating with fellow drill rappers, Akins has already partnered with PnB Rock, Lil’ Breeze, and more established and famous rappers like Jeremih and Chance the Rapper.

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Personal Life Of Lud Foe

As he is still very young, Akins has not thought of marriage or starting a family soon. Details about his personal life and marital or dating status are hard to find. Akins came from a poor family background, and didn’t have enough cash growing up. He also identifies as a straight, heterosexual man. His parents never really supported his rap career either – They were so scared that he might crack under social pressure.

Lud Foe
When he raps as Lud Foe, people have often compared Akins to rap greats like NWA members Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and the late Eazy-E. There were even rumors that he got into an altercation and was killed by a fellow drill rapper – But thankfully, this news was debunked and Akins continues to produce rap songs as Lud Foe.

Because Akins grew up in such a violent and dangerous neighborhood, he had to train himself to use a gun. He carried one with him whenever he left the house. He had been the victim of a shooting during his late teens. He has also participated in a high-speed police chase. The police have beaten him up, and sent him to jail. According to his mother, she was more worried about the police getting their hands on Akins than any other criminal in the neighborhood.

Net Worth Of Lud Foe

As mentioned by a couple of sources, Akins’ current net worth is estimated to be at around $1M. He is the proud owner of a gorgeous, sleek BMW i8 which costs around $144,395. He has also gained profit from his Youtube channel. One of his hit rap songs, ‘Cuttin Up’, has a total of over 22M views online.
Akins is a sneaker head – He enjoys collecting sneakers and men’s footwear. He likes to upload pictures of his shoe collection on Instagram. A lot of his shoes came from this company called King of the Dotcompany (KOTD).

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Lud Foe

Akins was placed under arrest in December 2017 by Illinois police and authority. He was accused of beating up his mother-in-law and his wife, who was pregnant with their child during this time. The incident was purported to have happened in Akins’ apartment, which was located in Cumberland Court, Plainfield. Akins reportedly engaged in a screaming match with his partner, who was pregnant. According to his girlfriend, Akins smacked her in the face then pushed her off the bed in their apartment. Then when the girl’s mother tried to stop the fight, he punched her and pushed her off the bed too.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Lud Foe

Akins does get himself in hot water a lot, and his songs are quite controversial with sketchy topics – But there are no rumors about his personal and professional life at the moment.

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