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Who Is Mary Lee Harvey ?

Mary Lee Harvey, also known as Mary Shackleford, is the second wife of actor, comedian, and TV host Steve Harvey. She is the former spouse of Steve Harvey. Despite the fact that she and her husband split up more than a decade ago, she is still a person of interest from media outlets and her husband’s fans. This is because of their messy divorce.

Career Focus: Makeup artist

Popular Works: Makeup artist

Date Of Birth: 20-10-1960

Current State & Country: USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Texas, USA

Height: Unknown. She is several inches shorter than Harvey, who is six feet tall.

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth Income: $50,000

Educational Credentials: Unknown

Steve’s full name is Broderick Stephen Harvey. His birthday is on January 17, 1957. He says that his parents named him after an actor named Broderick Crawford. Aside from hosting gigs and writing books, he also has opened his own dating site called Delightful. The site contains clips of him giving love advice for the site’s subscribers.

Career History Of Mary Lee Harvey

Before her marriage to Steve, nobody really knows what Mary Lee did as a job. Some people claimed that she was a makeup artist, but there isn’t any proof of this. Nobody also knows whether she took up another job after her divorce from Steve, or went back to being a makeup artist. As mentioned, she stepped into the spotlight and got a limited amount of media attention after her unsuccessful marriage to Steve. She has seemed to live a quiet life after the divorce drama died down.

Her husband’s career is more famous. Before becoming a standup comic, Steve has worked as a carpet cleaner, an amateur boxer, an insurance salesman, a mailman, and an auto worker. He is famous for his upbeat and hilarious personality. Apart from his comic routines and TV hosting gigs, he has also acted and has written several books: Including Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man (2009), Straight Talk, No Chaser (2010), Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success (2014), and Jump (2016).

Steve worked his way into the standup comedy circuit during the early 90s. He first signed up to be the host of It’s Showtime at the Apollo’ in 1990. He later made his first TV debut in 1996’s Me and the Boys, a sitcom on the ABC network. Other acting credits include 2002’s My Wife and Kids (also on ABC), 2003’s The Fighting Temptations (directed by Jonathan Lynn), and 2004’s You Got Served (directed by Chris Stokes). Nowadays, Steve is famous for hosting the game show Family Feud, Little Big Shots, and the annual Miss Universe pageant.

Personal Life Of Mary Lee Harvey

Not a lot of personal information regarding Harvey is known to the public. This includes her childhood years, her education, and her family members’ names. She only gained attention after her marriage to Steve. Her real name is Mary Shackleford. Mary Lee is actually his second wife – He met her just fresh from his own divorce from his first wife, named Marcia Harvey. Steve moved on from his previous marriage very quick, which surprised a lot of people.

Mary Lee met Steve in Arlington, Texas, while he was still working as a standup comedian in 1989. The two of them apparently had an instant connection, and fell in love at first sight. And similar to these types of stories, Mary Lee and Steve dated for only less than a year, and then decided to take their relationship a little bit further. They married in the same year.

Mary Lee and her husband actually stayed together for a very long time, until their eventual divorce. Their marriage lasts for seventeen years. This is a rare feat for most Hollywood marriages, and even though they split, it’s still a laudable marriage nonetheless. Steve and Harvey divorced in 2005. On July 1997, she gave birth to her only child with Steve, a son named Wynton. Steve himself has had plenty of children from his other marriages, including his current: Twin daughters with his first wife, Marcia Harvey named Brandi and Karli, and a stepson named Broderick Jr, and three step-children to his present wife, Marjorie Bridges, named Jason, Morgan, and Lori.

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Net Worth Of Mary Lee Harvey

According to several sources, there are estimates that Mary Lee Harvey’s current net worth is at around $500,000. She got this thanks to her success in several endeavors. Mary Lee has also managed to increase her net worth due to her marriage and association with her husband. Steve has an estimated net worth of around $140 million. As her businesses keep growing, it is pretty much a given that her wealth will also keep on increasing.

Controversial News On The Life And Career Of Mary Lee Harvey

There were actually plenty of factors as to why Mary Lee and Steve got a divorce after so many years together. But even though it wasn’t really pointed out what the real reason is, it was said that Steve was very unfaithful to his wife. Mary Lee accused him of cheating on her with Bridges (now his current wife). And these accusations got bigger thanks to the fact that Steve started an affair with Bridges. Bridges married Steve in 2007, just two years after his divorce with Mary Lee Harvey.

To make things worse for Steve, Mary Lee Harvey has uploaded several videos on Youtube in which she claims that her ex-husband mentally and physically abused her during their marriage. Steve, meanwhile, obviously had to do something because his public image was at stake here. So he ended up taking legal action against Mary Lee. In court, the judges and jury were able to prove that there wasn’t any concrete evidence towards her claims, so it was a false charge.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Mary Lee Harvey

Another strong rumor as to why Mary Lee divorced her husband was that Steve’s professional career was starting to grow. TV stations and events were starting to hire him for professional hosting gigs, and Mary Lee couldn’t really handle her husband’s growing popularity. After they divorced, the two of them had a custody battle over Wynton. Wynton was eight years old when his parents split. Steve ended up winning the fight in 2011, after he submitted documents which proves that Mary Lee had sent her son to him after the divorce. Mary Lee Harvey also won Steve’s home, and a welfare fee of $40,000 per month.

As a part of this messy divorce settlement, Mary Lee was since forbidden to talk about matters regarding her divorce from Steve. But years later, she ended up disobeying this gag order and is put under arrest. She was imprisoned for contempt of court, and disobeying the rules. Mary Lee Harvey is release a year later, and claimed that she didn’t violate any sort of court orders. She also states that America is a free country, and that she can talk about her divorce publicly for as long as she likes.

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