Matty B : Bio, Facts, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Nasty Rumour

Who Is Matty B ?

Matthew David Morris, who goes by the name Matty B, is an American Youtuber and social networking celebrity. He gained popularity thanks to his YouTube channel, called MattyBRaps. He is already making waves in the music industry thanks to his talent in rapping.

Career Focus: Rapper, Youtuber, Social media star

Popular Works: His rapping, and official Youtube channel ‘MattyBRaps’

Date Of Birth: 06-01-2003

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 132 lbs.

Current State & Country: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Duluth, Georgia, USA

Net Worth Income: $5,500,000

Educational Credentials: Wesleyan School

Despite the fact that he got his career started on YouTube, Morris’ songs and raps are now reaching a mainstream audience, thanks to them being featured in several TV shows, websites, radio stations, etc. Morris himself has also been interviewed in different magazines and blogs.

Morris is fluent in French. He also wore braces for a brief period to make his smile look good. His fans are collectively known as ‘BFamily’. He is not to be confused with an Australian hip-hop artist and MC who also goes by the name ‘Matty B’ (real name Matthew Victor Barrett).

Career History of Matty B

Morris started his career when he was only seven years old. His parents opened a YouTube channel called MattyBRaps, where they planned on showcasing their son’s talents in singing and rapping. His vocal coach is the same person who trained Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, and R&B singer Usher. In fact, his very first video on his channel was a cover of Bieber’s song ‘Eenie Meenie’. People started taking notice of how talented Morris was, and by August 2014, his YouTube channel passed over 1B views. Since 2015, Morris has uploaded more than a hundred covers on his YouTube channel, with some original songs in between. His first original song was called ‘I Believe in You’, which came out in 2010. Then in August 2010, he released another song called ‘Just the Way You Are’, which was a duet with indie singer Tyler Ward. It soon became Morris’ very first song that was available for purchase on iTunes.

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In 2012, he officially made it to the Billboard Social 50 Chart, thanks to his song ‘That’s the Way’. The accompanying music video was also a huge hit on YouTube. The song debuted at number 11. His career took off after that. Soon, Morris was performing in front of live audiences, with media appearances on shows like NBC’s Today Show, Dr. Phil, The Wendy Williams Show, and The Queen Latifah Show. Morris has also done collaborations with other artists. Aside from Ward, he has done duets with 90s rapper Vanilla Ice, and Big Time Rush member James Maslow. Morris released his first album in 2015 called Outside the Lines.

Personal Life of Matty B

Morris was born in Georgia. His birthday is on January 2003. He might still be young, but he’s definitely one of the biggest names to watch out for when it comes to rapping. His mother, Tawny Morris, is a Texan native born in 1965. In 1994, she met Blake Morris Sr., and they soon married. They moved to Atlanta not long after that. Blake Sr. is also from Texas. He currently works as an entrepreneur and as a BBA. He has also founded plenty of companies, and made investments in them. Morris considers his dad as his best friend – He says he provides him with excellent support. Blake Sr. has also produced several of his son’s rap songs. Morris has four siblings, with two of them adopted. His full brothers are Josh and Blake Jr. while his two adopted siblings are John Michael, and Sarah Grace. Sarah suffers from Down syndrome. Morris loves his family and enjoys showing off pictures of them on his Instagram account.

Morris may have had plenty of love interests shown off in his music videos and photoshoots, but in reality, he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. It seems like he is too focused on his career to do so, or he wants to spend more time with his family and friends to look for one. There are no records of his previous girlfriends either. As of now, he only has friends to hang out with, and this is completely fine for a boy his age. It doesn’t help that he is rarely spotted going out in public with his family and friends.

He still resides in Suwanee, Atlanta, Georgia, with his family and his dog, Milli.

Net Worth of Matty B

Morris’ current net worth is $5.9M. As he is only in his teens, he is not yet allowed to move out and live in his own home – However, thanks to his success as a rapper, he has earned enough cash to construct a recording studio right inside his home.

Morris has worked so hard on perfecting his rap career, and it seems like it has definitely paid off. His Youtube channel was launched in 2010, back when he was only seven years old – And it has grown ever since. As of this year, his videos have an accumulated view of over 5 billion and counting. Because of his looks and talent, people have dubbed Morris as the “next Justin Bieber”. He has also been compared to the likes of Austin Mahone, and fellow Youtube celebrities like Johnny Orlando.

He is very active on social media, especially YouTube. He currently has two channels: His MattyBRaps channel where he posts his official work, and his MattyBVlogs channel where he uploads behind-the-scenes clips of his music videos, as well as daily vlogs, challenges, games, and videos that feature his family. His official channel has over 11M subscribers, while his vlogging channel has 3M subscribers. Morris also has 3M followers on his Instagram, and 864K followers on Twitter. Like nearly every Youtuber out there, he has his own merchandise which you can buy on his official Website. In 2016, Travis Thrasher helped Morris release his own memoir called That’s A Rap.

Controversial News on The Life & Career Of Matty B

Thankfully, Morris has not gotten himself into any controversy. But he did get into trouble at school when he was 13, and uploaded a photo of himself saying that he was grounded from the Internet. He didn’t exactly state what kind of trouble he got himself into, but people suspected that it had something to do with the paint-splattered pants that he wore in the photo. The incident was much-talked about on Twitter, and his fans even started a hashtag called #FreeMattyB.

There were also nasty rumors about Morris supposedly raping an 11-year-old girl, but this was admittedly made up in order to stir up some drama for his fanbase.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions

Morris was rumored to be dating fellow Youtuber Jojo Siwa. The two of them confirmed their relationship, but they seem to have ended things between them not long after that.

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