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Who Is Nancy Alspaugh?

Nancy Alspaugh is not just known as a scriptwriter and author – She is also the former wife of Matt Lauer, one of the highest-paid reporters in the US. She is a very talented producer as well. Alspaugh likes to reel in an audience to other people’s shows all thanks to her great production as well as her writing skills. She has also been credited for writing and producing several shows. However, her best known work on television production is Leeza (1994), The Bradshaw Difference (1996) and Vicki (1992).

These three shows made her a household name. Then in 2003, Alspaugh became an author for the first time after she released her first book, called Not Your Mothers Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide To Fearless Aging. She wrote this book together with Marilyn Kentz. In 2005, the two of them released a second book, called Fearless Women: Midlife Journeys. The books that Alspaugh and Kentz wrote together eventually became the foundation of the Fearless Aging movement – A way for countless older women to deal with the reality of aging, and how to live their best lives in the late years.

Nancy Alspaugh

Career Focus: Producer, Author, Screenwriter

Popular Work: [Television, as producer] The Bradshaw Difference (1996-1997), Vicki (1992-1994), Leeza (1993-2000, NBC), Carl & Marilyn: Real Friends (1996-1997, ABC), Home & Family (1996-Present, Hallmark Channel) [Author] Not Your Mother’s Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide To Fearless Aging (2003), Fearless Women: Midlife Journeys (2005)

Date Of Birth: 04-05-1955

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Current State & Country: USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: USA

Net Worth Income: Unknown

Educational Credentials: Unknown

Alspaugh is known for being a TV producer, an author, and a scriptwriter. Apart from that, she also happens to be the former granddaughter-in-law of singer Art Gentry. She recently made news for adopting a new baby boy named Wyatt. Wyatt was diagnosed with autism when he turned three. As a result, Alspaugh has done many talks and discussions about autism, and has also played an important role in helping launch Autism Live. Autism Live is an online show which gives people resources, support, facts, information, inspiration, and entertainment to parents whose kids suffer from the condition. Her show has benefited so many parents of kids who have been diagnosed with autism, thanks to her efforts.

Career History Of Nancy Alspaugh

Here are several creations and works that have recently been associated with Alspaugh. As a writer, she has written at least four episodes of the NBC talk show Leeza, which ran from 1993 to 2000. While working as an executive producer, produced Carl & Marilyn: Real Friends, as well as the short-lived syndicated talk show The Bradshaw Difference. The Bradshaw Difference only ran for one season. Then in 1994, she became the producer of the TV show Vicki, hosted by Vicki Lawrence. Alspaugh’s other appearances on TV as herself include Home & Family. At present, she runs the Autism Live shows and YouTube channel. In honor of her son, Wyatt, Alspaugh ended up taking the #AutismActofLove challenge, which was popular on social networking sites.

Nancy Alspaugh
Throughout her career, Alspaugh has been nominated for five Daytime Emmy Awards. This is due to her work on Leeza – Another talk show hosted by actress Leeza Gibbons. Leeza was pretty popular, and ran for several seasons on NBC. In 1995 and 1996, Alspaugh received a nomination for Outstanding Talk Show Production. The following year, she received two nominations this time: For Outstanding Special Class Writing, as well as Outstanding Talk Show. She has also previously received an Outstanding Talk Show nomination thanks to her work on Vicki. Later on, Alspaugh received more nominations – This time, for her work on Carl & Marilyn: Real Friends, as well as The Bradshaw Difference, which aired in 1996 to 1997. When it came to these two shows, she worked as the executive producer. Aside from that, Alspaugh is the current owner and host of an autism support channel called Autism Live. She opened this channel in honor of her son, who was diagnosed with autism since he was three.

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Personal Life of Nancy Alspaugh

Alspaugh holds an American citizenship. She was born during the mid-50s. Since she is technically not a public figure, not much information is known about her childhood, her early life, her parents, family, and education. But after doing a bit of research, it was later known that Alspaugh was not just interested in writing since she was young, she wanted to be an actress too. Her full name is Nancy Alspaugh Jackson. Even though she is in her 60s, she still keeps herself looking fit and healthy by living an energetic lifestyle, and sporting an enthusiastic personality. When you see what she really looks like, you’ll actually have a hard time believing that she is already 60+ years old. Alspaugh becomes a type of inspiration for ladies who want to get fit in their later life.
Alspaugh’s organization for autism awareness has supposedly raised over $5M since 2014. And even though she and NBC News reporter Matt Lauer split up nearly 30 years ago, the two of them still remain friends. In fact, she is close to Lauer’s sister and mother.
Alspaugh has been married two times. The first was with former NBC News reporter Matt Lauer. They married in 1982, but divorced in 1988. They don’t have any children. Several years later, Alspaugh met her second husband, Fox News executive H. Read Jackson. They were together until he died from cancer in 2016.

Net Worth Of Nancy Alspaugh

Alspaugh has no record of her current net worth of salary. However, there are a bunch of sources out there that claim her net worth is at least $100,000, while another source says it’s close to $8M. She managed to gain income thanks to her work as a Hollywood author and screenwriter, as well as her producing stint. Meanwhile, the net worth of her late husband, Read Jackson, amounts to over $19M. Since Alspaugh’s main source of income is screenwriting, she manages to gain a lot of her cash from this job. Her exact net worth is unknown, but it is said that her salary is at around $65,000.

Controversial News on The Life & Career Of Nancy Alspaugh

In 2017, her former husband Lauer was accused of “inappropriate sexual behavior”, causing him to be kicked out of The Today Show and NBC News. Alspaugh came to her husband’s defense. Despite having plenty of allegations against Lauer, she wants everyone to listen to his side of the story as well. In a statement she posted online, she thinks that it was totally unfair that her former husband was never given a chance to defend himself, and that he was the best person for the job.
Alspaugh did an interview with the tabloid talk show Entertainment Tonight in 2018 regarding the scandal, and in it, she repeated her belief that Lauer deserves a second chance.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Nancy Alspaugh

Alspaugh lives a quiet, private life. There are no scandals surrounding her, and she appears to not be involved with anyone romantically at the moment.

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