Nicole Tuck : Bio, Affair, Marriage, Husband, Kid & Net Worth

Who Is Nicole Tuck ?

Nicole Tuck-Khaled is the wife and manager of DJ and record producer, Khaled Mohammed Khaled, aka DJ Khaled. Nowadays, Tuck’s husband is very popular and you can hear him announce his name in so many hiphop, rap, and R&B songs. His collaborations include Justin Bieber, Lil’ Wayne, Rihanna, and Kendrick Lamar, among others. Tuck is also a former businesswoman.

Career Focus: Celebrity Wife, Businesswoman

Popular Works: She is a businesswoman who runs her own line of clothes. Nowadays, she is known as the wife and manager of DJ Khaled.

Date Of Birth: 07-12-1975

Current State & Country: Miami, Florida, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: New Rochelle, New York, USA

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 132 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $6,000,000

Educational Credentials: Marymount Manhattan College, Fordham University (Major – Education)

Tuck is quite active on social media – But only on the photo-sharing app, Instagram. She does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. Her Instagram has over 26.1 followers. She stands at around 5’7” inches. Her hair and eyes are both brown.

Career History Of Nicole Tuck

Tuck has always been interested in opening up her own business. She started things off through building the foundations of a company called ABU Apparels. ABU Apparels is a clothing line that sells funky clothing. Her company began to grow, and naturally, Tuck ended up receiving plenty of profits for it. She soon had enough money to get DJ Khaled as an endorser. Khaled became the face of the brand. This became very beneficial to the success of Tuck’s company. The profits increased, but it didn’t continue for too long – Unfortunately, ABU Apparels started registering losses after a while, and Tuck eventually closed it down. She was out of a job for a brief period. Then
Khaled asked her to handle his work assignments for a brief period. Tuck soon became his official manager. She now handles the business side of his career and takes good care of their son, Asahd.

Personal Life Of Nicole Tuck

Tuck was born into a rather wealthy family of entrepreneurs. Since her family was also into business, it was only natural that she wanted to take the same path as they did. Her birthday is on December 12, 1975. Tuck’s star sign is Sagittarius, same as her husband. Not much else is known about Tuck’s childhood and early life. Her parents’ names are unknown, although she has a brother named Jonathan. Tuck is bi-racial: She is Palestinian and African-American. Because of her parents’ wealth, she has connections to so many celebrities and other famous people.

Interestingly, her family has kept a low profile, including herself. She studied at Marymount Manhattan College until 2003. Then in 2005, she graduated from Fordham, a prestigious American university. Tuck has a BFA from Marymount, and a degree in education from Fordham.

Tuck had already known and met Khaled even before he rose to fame. Even though Khaled eventually became a household name in hip-hop and rap, and she became his manager instead of fulfilling her dream as a business mogul, their relationship has lasted for eleven years. Their love for each other just keeps getting stronger and stronger in time. However, they didn’t get married until 2016, a few months just before their baby boy was born. In October 2016, Tuck gave birth to her first son, Asahd Tuck Khaled. Tuck enjoys posting pictures of the three of them going on vacations. They really like being in each other’s company. Khaled loves his son so much, that he even named Asahd the executive producer for one of his albums. He is also proud of Tuck and often calls her ‘his queen’. Khaled enjoys bringing both Tuck and Asahd to public events, even featuring the latter in his music videos. He also livestreamed Tuck giving birth to Asahd on his Snapchat. Apart from their posts on social media though, Tuck and Khaled have never discussed about their relationship. Despite the fact that Khaled enjoys sharing a lot of things about his personal life (sometimes a little too much), he keeps the details about his marriage to Tuck private.

Net Worth Of Nicole Tuck

Tuck’s net worth is at an estimated $6M. Since she came from a well-off family, it’s safe to say that she has lived a luxurious life from the beginning. Tuck lives this high-end life even until now, because of Khaled’s income and popularity. They live in a huge mansion in Miami Beach, Florida. They also have another house in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Tuck’s current salary as her husband’s manager is unknown. Her salary as a businesswoman is also unknown. She did have a previous business, called ABU Apparel. As mentioned, ABU Apparel sells funky
clothes that seem to be suitable for those who live the hip-hop lifestyle. ‘ABU’ stands for ‘Always Be U’. She met her husband in the 1990s when he signed on as the endorser of her business. Tuck’s net worth is quite small in comparison to Khaled’s own – His is at a whopping $35,000,000.

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Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Nicole Tuck

Just last year, a 2015 radio interview with Khaled surfaced. In it, he talks about how there must be different rules for men and women when it comes to “bedroom behavior”. He also says that if he wants to “please the queen”, then she MUST
“praise him” in return, no questions asked. His comments had a misogynist tone to them, and raised a couple of eyebrows from several people.

Khaled has also uploaded a video on his Snapchat in which he seems to be engaged in a screaming match with Tuck. This happened while Tuck was working out, and Khaled was filming her. He was giving her words of encouragement, but in return, she swore at him and told him to be quiet.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Nicole Tuck

Fans of Tuck and Khaled’s relationship went into a tizzy when Khaled proposed to famous rapper Nicki Minaj in 2013. The two of them had made a joint guest appearance on an MTV show. People started wondering why Khaled pulled off this stunt, as everyone knows he and Tuck are happily married. He even stated that he and Minaj were both‘suffering from success’, and they both had ‘the same symptoms’. Later on, Minaj stated that the whole proposal was simply a joke. She says that Khaled is like ‘a big brother’ to her, and that he was never serious with that proposal at all. Minaj has also admitted that the proposal was only done to promoteher collaboration with Khaled, called ‘I wanna be with you’.

So to sum things up, fans of Tuck and Khaled need not to worry. They are still happy with one another, and it’ll surely stay that way.

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