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Who Is Prince Michael Jackson II?

Prince Michael Jackson II, more popularly known as Blanket Jackson and later, Bigi Jackson, is the third and youngest child of music icon Michael Jackson. His life is private yet controversial because of his birth, his association with his famous dad, and the mystery of his mother’s identity. It’s only right that this article clears up several things about this famous celebrity offspring.

Career Focus: N/A

Popular Works: Second son of Michael Jackson

Date Of Birth: 21-02-2002

Current State & Country: Calabasas, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Le Mesa, California, USA

Height: 6’2”

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth Income: $33,000,000

Educational Credentials: The Buckley School. He receives his education at Michael’s famous estate, The Neverland Ranch.

The reason why Michael chose to have Prince Michael was because he thought of the idea of having a ‘designer baby’. His previous wife, a nurse named Debbie Rowe, could no longer conceive a third child due to old age and health issues. This is why Michael went for the next best option – IVF. He said that he wanted to have a child that was an exact clone of himself.

Because of his young age and his privacy, nobody is sure whether Prince Michael intends to follow in his dad’s path and become a popstar himself. However, according to his elder brother, Prince, Jackson is very good at dancing and even knows how to do their dad’s famous Moonwalk. Prince Michael Jackson is also supposedly into video games and martial arts. He has a black belt in karate. Prince Michael’s own singing skills are also at par with his father’s. A fan also caught him busting out some dance moves backstage during a tribute concert to his father in 2011.
His favorite games include Lego Worlds, Assassin’s Creed, and Dragon Quest Heroes.

Career History Of Prince Michael Jackson II

Jackson is currently a student at The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California. He lives a private life, and is not as social as his other siblings. However, he tends to make rare public appearances on occasion, especially at fan events that honor his late father. In 2009, during a televised memorial for his father, Jackson and his two siblings spoke to Michael’s adoring fans, telling them that they missed him as well.

His first TV appearance was on the documentary Living With Michael Jackson, which aired in 2003. This is a documentary that focused on Michael’s family life. When he and his siblings were still very little, Michael asked them to put on masks when they go outside, so they won’t get photographed by zealous fans and the paparazzi. Other appearances with his siblings included the 52nd Grammy Awards (In which they received an award in honor of their father), The X-Factor, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Personal Life Of Prince Michael Jackson II

Prince Michael Jackson’s birthday is on February 21, 2002, in California, USA. His father is music legend Michael Jackson. What’s interesting about Prince Michael Jackson is that his mother’s identity has not known. Even the ‘mother’ part in his official birth certificate has been left blank. Records have stated that Jackson’s birthplace is in Sharp Grossmont Hospital, located in Le Mesa, California, a place near San Diego. After Jackson’s birth, people said that he was the spitting image of his famous dad – From his dark brown eyes, his olive skin, and long dark hair.
Jackson has two older half-siblings, from Michael’s marriage to Rowe: A brother named Prince Michael Jackson (born February 13, 1997), and a sister named Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (born April 3, 1998). Jackson comes from a very musically-talented family. His uncles, Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Randy are famous around the world as the Jackson 5. And of course, there’s his famous auntie, Janet.

His dad calls him ‘Blanket’ as an affectionate nickname. Michael used to call him that around his loved ones and family members. According to Michael, he saw little Jackson as a blessing and it was his own way of showing off his care and love for his three children. But now, as a teenager, Jackson prefers the nickname ‘Bigi’ – He claimed that the kids at school were bullying him because of that nickname. Jackson has since requested that everyone stop addressing him as ‘Blanket’ from now on.

Jackson was only seven years old when his father suddenly died on June 25, 2009 – This news not only rocked the entire music industry, but the whole world. After that, his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, became the legal guardian of Jackson and his siblings. Michael’s nephew TJ is also Jackson’s official guardian. She moved her son’s kids at a huge estate in Calabasas. According to sources, among all of Michael’s three children, Jackson was the one who took his death the hardest.

Net Worth Of Prince Michael Jackson II

Michael left each of his three kids over $33 million each. Prince Michael Jackson, meanwhile, will inherit his father’s millions once her turns 30, and everyone expects that this will grow up to $300 million. As of 2017, his current net worth is at $100 million. It’s not surprising that Prince Michael Jackson will be super rich once he becomes older. In fact, certain media outlets are comparing him with another young millionaire, Barron Trump – The youngest son of US President, Donald Trump.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Prince Michael Jackson II

Prince Michael Jackson’s very first public appearance is already controversial – It happened when his dad dangled and suspended him over a balcony rail at a hotel in Germany. Jackson was only 11 months old when this happened. Media and paparazzi started paying attention to the young baby afterwards.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Prince Michael Jackson II

Information about Prince Michael Jackson’s biological mother is under wraps, and will always be a mystery to the public. He has a surrogate mother, which he hides from the public. Michael himself apparently chose a Mexican nurse, simply known as ‘Helena’, to become Jackson’s surrogate mother. Michael went through several profiles of other women before choosing Helena to be the mother. He looked at her photos, did a background check, took a closer look at her family history, and even met up with her once. There are rumors that Michael selected Helena because she was a fair-skinned US citizen, despite being of Latina descent. Helena is a woman in her 30s, 5’4”, has a slim build, with olive skin and long, dark hair, just like Jackson.

Michael supposedly paid Helena a whopping $20,000 surrogacy fee so she can have Prince Michael Jackson. Michael showered Helena with all sorts of expensive gifts, cash, and hired a staff to meet her needs. Prince Michael Jackson was conceived through IVF. Michael donated his cells, while Helena donated her eggs. Helena has a payment at least $3,500 for her contribution, and had to sign several papers. There are also rumors that Prince Michael Jackson is Michael’s only real biological child.

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