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Who Is Roman Atwood?

Roman Bernard Atwood is an American Youtuber, known for playing dangerous and risky pranks. He is one of the handful of YouTube celebrities with an equal amount of subscribers on both his “official” channel, and his “side” channel. His main channel is one of the top 50 most subscribed channels on YouTube. He has since toned down on his prank videos, now concentrating on daily vlogs with his family.

Career Focus: Youtuber, Social media star, Comedian

Popular Works: His two official Youtube channel, called RomanAtwoodVlogs and RomanAtwood

Date Of Birth: 28-05-1983

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 150 lbs.

Current State & Country: Millersport, Ohio, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Millersport, Ohio, USA

Net Worth Income: $12,000,000

Educational Credentials: Millersport Junior and Senior High School

Atwood is of English, Dutch, French-Canadian, Irish, Scottish, and German descent. He has brown hair and green eyes. At present, he has over 5.1M followers on his Instagram account, and 2.93M followers on Twitter.

Roman Atwood

Career History of Roman Atwood

Atwood’s very first video was posted in 2011. He joined YouTube two years before that. However, his channel would not gain popularity until he uploaded a video in 2012 called ‘Cops Get Owned!’, which dealt with him playing pranks on several unsuspecting cops. The video acquired loads of views, and people were soon subscribing to his channel. By June 2016, that video had over 23 million views. And thanks to his success, Atwood soon began pulling pranks on celebrities and his fellow YouTube stars. The other Youtubers he has done collaborations with include Dennis Roady, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, as well as Jackass star, Steve-O.

He then began his journey towards YouTube and social networking success through creating and filming several videos back when he was still in high school. Atwood then became famous thanks to his public prank videos or hidden camera prank videos, which he would play on his friends. A lot of these pranks were very dangerous and tricky, and people watched them so they could see if he would be successful. A few of these pranks targeted gangsters found in places that they considered their territory, and were therefore marked as dangerous for trespassers or strangers.

In 2013, Atwood created a second channel called RomanAtwoodVlogs. Like his original prank channel, this one grew in popularity as well. At first, the videos for his second channel featured daily vlogs and the occasional prank, but now it focused more on his life as a husband and a father. RomanAtwoodVlogs has an average monthly view of around 100 up to 130M, proving that he is still popular no matter what content he uploads.

Atwood also dabbled in film, releasing one in 2016 called Natural Born Pranksters. The film stars himself, Roady, and Zdorovetskiy. It was produced by Lionsgate. Unfortunately, the film was a flop – It received negative reviews from critics, and had a Rotten Tomatoes score of 43%. On IMDB, it had a rating of 3.7 out of 10 stars.

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Personal Life of Roman Atwood

Atwood was born in Millersport, Ohio. His parents are Susan Atwood Christman and Curt Dale Atwood II. He does have siblings as well, but not much info is known about them – Not even their names. Before embarking on a YouTube career, his first job was working at his family’s factory. The factory was a rope production company called Atwood Ropes. Then in 2006, Atwood started creating a series of DVDs called ‘The Nerd Herd’, which he would sell to attendees of the annual Vans Warped Tour. Atwood also worked on several homemade films and commercials until he began his Youtube channel. Atwood was a student at Millersport Junior and Senior High School. His first YouTube channel was called ‘Sketch Empire’.

In 2001, Atwood married his girlfriend named Shanna Riley – She gave birth to their first son, Noah Vaughn Atwood, in 2004. In 2008, Atwood filed for divorce from Riley after he found out that she had cheated on him with a mutual friend while he was on vacation. He then began dating a woman named Britney Smith, with whom he had a second son named Kane Alexander Atwood, born in 2011. In 2017, Smith and Atwood welcomed a daughter named Cora. Atwood and Smith met when the two of them attended the wedding of a mutual friend named Chase Gilroy. Atwood was Gilroy’s best man, while Smith was the sister of Gilroy’s new wife, Veronica. Atwood proposed to Smith in 2018, then married in July of the same year.
Atwood, Smith, and their children live in Ohio.

Net Worth of Roman Atwood

Atwood’s current net worth is at $12M. He is one of YouTube’s most popular celebrities. He has made his cash thanks to uploading prank videos, most of them done in public and are also very dangerous. However, he also has plenty of sources as to where he gets his money – Not just through YouTube. He initially started his YouTube channel in 2009, but only started gaining hundreds of subscribers in 2012. By 2016, he had over 10M subscribers. This later led him to open up a more personal YouTube channel as a way to document his daily and personal life, as well as a way for him to make more income.

The average video from both of Atwood’s channels get over 300,000 views daily. Plenty of these views are not just from his loyal subscribers, but also from people who are curious about his channel and what kind of videos he likes to upload. Despite the fact that Atwood only uploads one video a month or every two months, they still end up garnering over 8M views. His most popular video on his vlogging channel ‘Caught on 360 Cam’ has over 31M views, while the one on his main prank channel ‘Anniversary Prank Backfires’ has 92M views. Meanwhile, the rest of his videos have over 20M views each.

Atwood also makes cash through his own merchandise line, called ‘Smile More’. He started the company in 2013. The company sells bracelets and t-shirts which he himself designed. In 2016, Atwood and another Youtuber, Yousef Erakat went on a worldwide tour called ‘Roman vs. Fousey’. They ended up doing shows in several places across the US, as well as in Canada, and some parts of the UK.

Controversial News on the Life & Career of Roman Atwood

Atwood, along with several of his friends, were caught by authorities and placed under arrest in 2014. The reason was because they supposedly caused plenty of disorderly conduct and panic among residents of Columbus, Ohio, while filming a prank. The prank involved him and his friends pretending to rob an ATM machine in broad daylight. Atwood was released on bail by the Columbus Police Department, but still underwent trial. News of his trial and arrest made rounds across Ohio. In fact, several of his fans even appeared on court so they can watch the case and give their support. Because he was the defendant, Atwood eventually won the case on the basis that he considered his videos as ways to express freedom of speech and as a form of art. The case was soon settled.

Rumors and Frequently Asked Questions About Roman Atwood

There are rumors that Atwood and Smith would eventually get a divorce, because she is often the victim of several of his pranks. But this isn’t happening, as she clearly understands his humor and takes his pranks in stride. They are very happy together with their three children, and are not plagued by rumors of divorce, affairs, or breakups.

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