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Who Is Sommer Ray?

Sommer Ray is a Youtuber and a fitness model with millions of followers on social media. The main objective of her channel, apart from showing off her silly side, is to promote an active and healthy fitness regimen. Ray wants to encourage young ladies who look up to her to live the same kind of lifestyle that she does. Apart from growing a fanbase on Youtube and Instagram, Ray also sells clothes and other merchandise on her official website.

Career Focus: Modelling, Youtube star, Influencer

Popular Work: Known as a fitness model on Instagram. Also runs her own Youtube channel.

Date Of Birth: 15-09-1996

Current State & Country: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Denver, Colorado, USA

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 116 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $4,000,000

Sommer Ray

Educational Credentials: Unknown. She did not go to college, as she was already famous during her teenage years.

When she started modeling for Instagram, Ray only had one goal: To be like her elder sister, Savannah, who already had a bit of a huge following on the social networking app. Savannah had a friend who worked as a photographer, and they did photoshoots together. The friend started shooting Ray when she was fifteen.

Ray has also sworn that she has never undergone any sort of cosmetic surgery on her body – She thanks good genes, having athletic parents, a healthy and active lifestyle, and a strict diet for her fit physique. About flaunting her body on Instagram, Ray has said that she has immensely worked hard to look the way she is now. “If you have  Ferrari, you’re going to drive it.”

Career History Of Sommer Ray

Ray has over twelve million subscribers on Youtube. Her videos, which are mostly comprised of fitness routines and vlogs, have a combined view total of 37 million. Other videos include Q&A sessions with her friend, fellow Youtube star Alissa Violet.

On Instagram, Ray uploads what she calls ‘belfies’, or ‘butt selfies’. It’s no surprise that she is considered to be a very attractive and stunning woman. Before gaining fame on Instagram, she used to upload short videos on the popular video app, Vine, while maintaining her Youtube channel at the same time. Her first videos also had her mother Shannon in them.

Ray is a member of a Youtube clique called Cloutgang. Other members of Cloutgang include their leader, FaZe Rug, the Martinez twins, Ricegum, Ugly God, Amar Koonz, and Alissa Violet. FaZe Rug, whose real name is Brian Awadis, is a Youtube star known for his prank videos. Alissa Violet and Ray are very close friends, as evidenced by their pictures on Instagram. Ray has also appeared on several television shows, including MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, hosted by comedian and actor, Nick Cannon.

Personal Life Of Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray was born on September 15 1996, in Denver, Colorado. Her parents, who are both bodybuilders, have always been supportive of their daughter’s ventures online. Ray’s mother, Shannon, is always seen in her videos, encouraging her daughter and the viewers to pursue their dreams. Apart from being a bodybuilder, Shannon is also a beauty writer. She used to be a bodybuilding model, but was unsuccessful in her endeavors. According to Ray, she was raised in a Colorado ranch and spent most of her childhood taking care of chickens and other farm animals.

Even though she works as a Youtuber and as a fitness model on social media, Ray is mostly known for her vlogs. She doesn’t compete in modeling contests or beauty pageants, unlike the others. The other members of her family have also caught the social networking bug. Her mother also has a popular Instagram account – She also maintains a daily workout routine, and looks very fit and healthy for her age. Ray has a younger sister, Skylyn, who is an advocate for medical marijuana legalization. Skylyn has over 100K followers on Instagram. She has two other siblings – A younger brother named Bronson (Skylyn’s twin brother) and an elder sister, Savannah, who was born in 1990. Savannah herself is a social media star as well, with other 50K followers on her Instagram.

Ray previously dated actor Max Ehrich, who’s known for his role as Fenmore Baldwin on the long-running CBS soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Ray and Ehrich aren’t too shy about showcasing their love for one another, posing couple pictures on Instagram. They like spending time with each other. However, their relationship didn’t really last for long, and they soon broke up. Before Ray, Ehrich was dating Disney star Veronica Dunne. Ray is said to be in a relationship with another Youtuber, Ricegum. Ricegum’s real name is Bryan Quang Le, and he is of Vietnamese descent. He is quite controversial because he is always getting into fights with several other popular Youtubers – Not to mention one of his videos is heavily disliked due to its racial undertones.

Sommer Ray

Net Worth Of Sommer Ray

Social media is so popular among all ages nowadays, that certain people have now become popular just for uploading their pictures on their accounts. Ray is one of those people – You might have seen her on your Instagram’s Explore page, your Twitter feeds, or encountered one of her silly Vine or Youtube videos.

Like most Instagram-famous models, Ray gets paid for each video clip or photo she uploads on her accounts. Each paid photo has her wearing certain brands such as Adidas, Calvin Klein, and so much more. That’s because she earns loads of revenue from endorsing and promoting these popular fashion brands, and their related merchandise. According to several experts, Ray makes at least $26,000 per Instagram post. It’s pretty much easy money for her, but then again, not everyone can reach 18 million followers in one go.

As of this year, Ray has an estimated net worth of over $4 million. However, other sources have claimed that she owns lesser money than that – But everyone agrees that she has over a million dollars’ worth of assets. So how exactly does Ray make enough cash on her social networking sites? Through advertising and promoting products. One of her most notable endorsements is for the Myokare portable bungee training system. Apart from advertising and modeling, Ray also runs her very own website, in which she sells shirts as well as other merchandise created by her. She also models her own clothes on the website.

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Controversial News On The Life And Career Of Sommer Ray

Shock came to Ray’s life in 2015 when her father passed away. This left her devastated, as she was very close to her father and even had several vlogs that featured him. After his passing, Ray has honored his memory by talking about him during interviews, and her show appearances.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Sommer Ray: Aside from her rumored relationships, Ray seems to be living a quiet, controversy-free life. She fully concentrates on her work and producing videos for her channel and Instagram.

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