Sophia Miacova Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Relationship, Body Measurements & Rumors

Who Is Sophia Miacova ?

Sophia Miacova is an Internet personality and social media star. She enjoys sharing her traveling photos and fashion vlogs on her social media sites. Her most popular social account is on Instagram, in which she uploads clips of her going to the gym, working out, and living her best life. Miacova is a fitness expert and a style icon for some of her most loyal followers. She enjoys exercising, and eating vegan meals. Miacova claims that she works at least six days a week with several types of training, such as weight exercises, core strengthening, and sprinting.

Aside from being a fitness model, she is also famous for being a strong believer in global warming and climate change. She uses her videos and social media influence to teach people about the effects of climate change, as well as being an advocate of weather protection.

Miacova is of French and Mexican descent. Even though she has found success as a social media model and Instagram star, she didn’t really want to do that for her career first. In fact, when she was much younger, she wanted to work in the medical field. Miacova has interest in becoming a dermatologist and skincare expert.

Career Focus: Modeling, Social media personality

Popular Work: Instagram personality, Social media star, Fitness model

Date Of Birth: 02-01-1994

Current State & Country: Houston, Texas, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: USA

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 119 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $1,000,000

Educational Credentials: Unknown

Miacova is of French and Mexican descent. She has a rather slim body that has all of the right measurements – 33-24-35 inches. Her favorite food is a Mexibowl.

She made the big leap from her previous career into her current modeling stint, and started promoting herself on her social networking sites. Miacova rose to fame thanks to her social media activities, in which she likes to share numerous videos and pictures about fashion and style. She is also vegan and lives a fit and healthy life. She also enjoys making vegan recipes and talking about veganism.

Career History Of Sophia Miacova

Miacova is a famous American model on social media. She came into the spotlight after uploading videos of herself with her ex-boyfriend on the defunct video sharing site, Vine. Her boyfriend’s name is Rory Westfield. Apart from being a fitness fan and fashion enthusiast, Miacova has also worked together with a brand called Ricki Brazil.
When she first started out in her fitness career, Miacova wasn’t sure how to lift the weights properly, and use the correct gym equipment. She was even discouraged from going to the gym for several reasons. Then she started her exercise career after that, through lifting a ten-pound weight and doing jumping jacks, flailing her arms, and performing backflips. After so many years of effort, Miacova is a proud owner of her current glamorous body, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Life Of Sophia Miacova

Miacova is currently unmarried. When it comes to past relationships, one of her most notable ones is with her fellow Vine star, Rory Westfield. When Vine was still active, Westfield had more than 750K followers on his account. Miacova and Westfield first met through messaging each other on Facebook. However, their seemingly good relationship didn’t last for a long while.

After her breakup with Westfield, Miacova moved on to Eli Webbe, a businessman based in Los Angeles. Webbe is also the owner of a clothing company known as Pink Dolphin. He has been serving several other businesses inside the Californian restaurant industry. Webbe is a known fashion designer, and is a household name in Lebanon. A lot of people from that country are huge fans of his clothing. They also enjoy his classical aesthetic style of dressing, which incorporates male Paris street fashion. Miacova and Webbe also met through social networking – He first sent her a DM on Instagram. At present, Miacova seems to be enjoying her time as a single woman. She might be on the lookout for a man who will suit her needs to be the best husband.

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Net Worth Of Sophia Miacova

Thanks to her jobs in modeling and social media fame, Miacova earns a decent amount of cash. However, the specified net worth from this Instagram beauty is unknown. However, it is still expected that she has done a decent job in making an income for herself. Because she earns a living by uploading pictures on a popular website, it seems like she has obtained a huge amount of cash.

Miacova is a popular Instagram star and social media personality, with at least 3.1 million followers as of October 2018. Her Instagram account is @sophiaesperanza. It’s safe to say that thanks to her three million followers, Miacova makes at least $1000 per month. And apart from her Instagramming, she has also gotten plenty of endorsements, which will surely increase her net worth and fortune.

Miacova is one of the endorsers of a trade shoe brand called Collection & Co. It is a company that only uses vegan leather for their shoes. Their headquarters are in Bristol, UK. All of the footwear from the brand is made and manufactured responsibly in several factories in Portugal and Greece – They only use recycled materials, and synthetic waste.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Sophia Miacova

As mentioned, Miacova has over three million Instagram followers, and plenty of subscribers on YouTube. She is a fashion model, a fitness guru, and an Internet sensation. This is why she is no stranger to the public eye. Even though she always looks so fresh and clean in her Instagram selfies and YouTube videos, life in the spotlight is never easy thanks to her past struggles with her body as a teen – One of these is cystic acne.

Because she is vegan, Miacova is obviously a staunch advocate for animal rights. She made the switch to a vegan diet and started noticing her acne scars clearing up. Her skin started getting brighter, and more moisturized. She soon realized that a great skincare regiment only works when you combine together regular exercise and eating a good, healthy diet. Miacova has said in one video that sweating will help your body release all of those harmful toxins. This is what her body needed for it to thrive.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Sophia Miacova

Miacova and her past boyfriend Webbe have a very public relationship. They are always commenting on each other’s Instagram accounts, and attending events together. In 2016, people saw them at the launch of the STAMPD store, located in Los Angeles, California.

In 2017, Webbe made some comments about the supposed murder of Kim Fattorini, claiming that she had died from a drug overdose, or chose to end her own life. Miacova came to Fattorini’s defense, saying that these claims were all false.

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