Sydney Simpson Wiki: Net Worth, Weight Loss, Height & Facts

Who Is Sydney Simpson?

Sydney Brooke Simpson is known as the elder child of convicted murderer and former football player, Orenthal James “OJ” Simpson, and his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. Her mother’s murder by her father received extreme coverage by the media, along with his trial. This has been labelled as ‘The Trial of the Century’. Simpson is a real estate agent, and a restauranteur. She and her siblings live a quiet life.

Career Focus: Real estate, Events coordinator, Catering

Popular Works: A real estate agent in St. Petersburg, Florida, and a restaurant manager. Also known as the daughter of OJ Simpson, and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Date Of Birth: 17-10-1985

Current State & Country: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: California, USA

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth Income: $10,000 – $500,000

Sydney Simpson

Educational Credentials

Gulliver Academy, Boston University (Major: Sociology)

Thanks to her past, it seems like Simpson and the rest of her siblings are trying their best to overcome their bygone days, and start new lives. It’s still amazing that they managed to keep themselves out of the spotlight, but their father has a horrible reputation up to this day.

OJ’s 1994 trial is the subject of a highly-acclaimed miniseries produced on FX, called American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. Its first episode aired on February 2016, and ran for ten episodes in total. It stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as OJ Simpson. The show went on to win nine Emmy awards, including one for Outstanding Limited Series.

Career History Of Sydney Simpson

Similar to her late mother, Simpson, along with her younger brother Justin Ryan and half-sister Arnelle, are full-time real-estate agents. All of them reside in St. Petersburg, Florida. She has purchased the house where she currently lives, along with several other properties. Simpson also works as a caterer. Simpson, along with Justin Ryan, have worked together to create a huge real-estate empire in the St. Petersburg area, obtaining at least 13 properties in 2015. But plenty of these properties are found inside low-income areas, and have a total of around $500,000.

OJ, Nicole, Sydney Simpson & Justin Simpson

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Personal Life Of Sydney Simpson

Simpson currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, in a ranch-style home. She usually stays indoors, which is why she is rarely photographed by paparazzi. Simpson owns three dogs. Her house supposedly has a small backyard with a garden and a hammock she likes to take naps in.

Simpson reportedly graduated from Boston University in 2010. According to her aunt, she took up Sociology as a major. She studied in their College of Arts and Sciences. It is also said that Simpson lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for a short period. There, she worked as an events coordinator in a restaurant called Canoe. Afterwards, she officially moved to her current residence in St. Petersburg, Florida. She opened up her own business in 2014, called Simspy LLC. It is said that Simpson currently owns three properties around the St. Petersburg area, which are all included inside her real estate portfolio. One of these properties is a restaurant.

Simpson’s mom Nicole gave birth to her just eight months after she and OJ got married. OJ, meanwhile, just came out of divorce with his first wife, Marguerite L. Whitley, with whom he has three children with. Then in August 1988, Simpson’s little brother, Justin Ryan, was born.

Net Worth Of Sydney Simpson

There hasn’t been any accurate records about Simpson’s salary, but she probably makes over $500,000 a year due to her real estate business. Through the years, she has managed to acquire a net worth that is estimated to be around $500,000. A huge portion of that net worth can be credited towards her businesses, such as her restaurant and the properties she owns.

Simpson also worked as a caterer before she took up real estate. This happened in 2014, where she and her brother Justin Ryan worked together in a restaurant business. She is also the manager of the restaurant that she owns.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Sydney Simpson

Simpson was only eight years old when Nicole and a close friend, Ron Goldman, were stabbed to death just outside their Los Angeles home in 1994. OJ was the prime suspect for the murder, because he had already been abusing her even while they were still married. In fact, Simpson and Justin Ryan were tucked away in their bedrooms, fast asleep when their mom was killed. Two years earlier, Nicole filed for divorce from OJ, citing irreconcilable differences.

OJ’s trial was extensively covered by all media outlets, and it became one of the biggest stories of the 90s. The trial lasted for eight months, and in the end, he was acquitted. The whole coverage was nicknamed ‘The trial of the century’. OJ’s acquittal remains controversial up to this day. Then in 2008, OJ faced the court for a second trial, this time for robbery and kidnapping. This time, he was found guilty and sent to jail. OJ was released from prison in 2017, thanks to a parole.

Simpson and her younger brother, Justin Ryan, have managed to grow up and live successful lives away from the spotlight. They live just like any other resident of St. Petersburg. However, according to some residents of St. Petersburg, the two siblings are still being talked about by their neighbors thanks to their connections with a murderer. People in the same area are always making speculations about their mother’s death. The Simpsons’ siblings desire to stay away from the glare of the media and public eye is very much connected to their mother’s murder. It didn’t help that their father’s two trials – One in 1994 and another in 2008 – Was heavily covered by the media.

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Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Sydney Simpson

Simpson is reportedly dating Robert Blackman, a city councilor. The two are said to have been together since 2017. Rumors about these two began after they have been seen together several times. However, nobody can confirm if she is indeed in a relationship, since she doesn’t have an active social media account. Interestingly enough, Blackman is rumored to be an ex-convict, and has been charged with a hit-and-run case. He also works in real estate, and is friends with Justin Ryan. Simpson’s past boyfriend is a man named Stuart Alexander Lee. They were together from 2007, and broke up in 2012. Simpson met Lee after graduating from college, and had lived together in Atlanta with him.

There were also previous rumors that Simpson is actually the biological sister of famous reality star and socialite, Khloe Kardashian. There is plenty of speculation that Kardashian is an adopted child because she barely looks like her three siblings – Her sisters Kim and Kourtney, and their brother, Rob. Their father, Robert Kardashian Sr., worked as OJ’s lawyer during his infamous 1994 trial. Kardashian Sr. is also close friends with OJ. But this has proven to be false, and Kardashian Sr. is actually Kardashian biological father – So Simpson and Kardashian are not related.

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