Tammy Hembrow : Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Children, Age & Facts

Who Is Tammy Hembrow?

Tammy Hembrow already had two kids at the age of 22. She enjoys uploading videos and photos of her amazingly fit physique. She also likes to share helpful tip to her fans about how to achieve the same fitness goals that she does. Hembrow became famous after she documented her pregnancy and workout sessions on her social networking sites. In her social media profiles, she describes herself as an entrepreneur, a proud mom of two, a fitness mentor, and a Gymshark athlete. She posted pictures of herself while she was pregnant with her children, as well as the weeks that came after she gave birth to them. This served as a record of how she keeps fit, all the while working hard to return to her post-pregnancy body after she had given birth to her kid.

After she successfully got back to her pre-baby weight, Hembrow’s popularity surged on Instagram. She started gaining millions of followers, especially after uploading photos of her fit post-pregnancy body. Hembrow then started another private Instagram account – People who follow that account (as long as she approves their follow request) will be able to see clips of her workout videos, her daily meals and fitness plans.

Hembrow’s healthy lifestyle has inspired so many celebrity moms to follow her footsteps, including reality show star Khloe Kardashian. Kardashian states that Hembrow is actually one of the reason why she began her own fitness journey. She also mentions that seeing how Hembrow is able to successfully balance her life as a mom and as a businesswoman and social media star and maintain a fit and active life at the same time, was a huge inspiration to her.

Career Focus: Instagram star, Entrepreneur, Fitness expert

Popular Work: Uploading her pregnancy pictures, fitness videos and healthy lifestyle on Instagram, and other social networking sites.

Date Of Birth: 22-04-1994

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 127 lbs.

Current State & Country: Australia

Nationality: Australian

Home State & Country: Queensland, Australia

Net Worth Income: $2,000,000

Educational Credentials: She took up business in college with a major in marketing, but ended up dropping out of school.

Hembrow is Caucasian, and her nationality is Australian. Her dad is an actor named Mark Hembrow. She is actually part-Australian and part-Trinidadian. She came from a big family with two brothers and four sisters. Two of her siblings are named Amy and Emilee – Emilee is also a social networking star.

When she was a little girl, Hembrow always dreamed of becoming a sports star or an athlete. But as she got older, she started hanging out with the wrong crowd, taking up some horrible habits like underage drinking, partying, smoking, etc. She claims she has tried everything horrible as a teenager. Basically she lived a rather unhealthy lifestyle when she was in her teens.

Despite growing up in Australia, Hembrow has lived and travelled to other locations such as Switzerland and Malaysia to experience other cultures. She later moved back to Australia because she enjoys spending time on the beach.

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Hembrow is a part of a group of social media-famous models called ‘The Good Squad’. This group was formed by Kardashian so they could promote her line of Good American denim clothes.

Career History Of Tammy Hembrow

Hembrow’s road to stardom began after she gave birth to her first child, a son named Wolf. She began uploading pictures of her journey towards fitness even before she became pregnant with her son. She already had a good amount of followers before reaching fame. According to Hembrow herself, her fitness regime is comprised of living a good healthy lifestyle, eating the right food, and exercising regularly. She exercises five times a week, and allows herself to pig out on her favorite food during the weekends, which she calls ‘cheat days’. And after she started seeing the effects of her active lifestyle on her body, Hembrow decided to share these health and exercise tips to her followers.

Soon, her posts and Hembrow herself became so popular on Instagram, that she started gaining sponsorships for brands. These included Protein World and Teami Blends. And when she was popular enough, she launched her very own Youtube channel, in which she uploads daily vlogs, fashion and makeup videos, workout routines, and dieting tips. And speaking of which, it seems like Hembrow herself is a fashionista as well. She likes uploading trendy fashion videos to her YouTube channel, as well as makeup tutorial videos. These are also very popular.

Aside from that, Hembrow has also been spotted attending the 2018 Sydney Fashion Week, where she was seen walking down the runway for clothing brand I Am Gia. This is a popular local brand enjoyed by fellow models and celebrity kids Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid.

Personal Life of Tammy Hembrow

She is not married. However, Hembrow has been in a long-term relationship with the father of her two kids, her personal trainer, Reece Hawkins. Aside from her son Wolf, she also has a daughter named Saskia. Hembrow and Hawkins met at a party and started dating after becoming friends for a while.

Hembrow and Hawkins were engaged at one point. But unfortunately, their relationship came to an end in 2018. She spoke openly about their breakup on a YouTube video, stating that there were no instances of infidelity and cheating on both sides. They just didn’t want to continue their relationship anymore. Nowadays, Hembrow is enjoying her life as a single mom. She does not want to commit into a serious relationship at the moment.

Net Worth of Tammy Hembrow

Hembrow currently has a net worth of over $2M. She gained all of this thanks to her career as a social networking star. As of this year, she has over 9.2M followers on the photo-sharing site Instagram, while her YouTube has a million subscribers. She likes to show off stylish photos of herself on her account. Hembrow enjoys presenting herself as a sexy, fashionable, and attractive mom in all of her posts.

As a businesswoman, Hembrow owns a clothing brand called Sakshi. She sells her clothes on her official site and does transactions online. Aside from that, she has also made endorsements for several fashion and fitness brands on her social networking sites. From 2012, Hembrow seems to have acquired a type of revenue coming from own YouTube channel. She lives a cushy lifestyle with her two kids.

Controversial News on The Life & Career

In September 2016, Hembrow uploaded a before-and-after picture of herself, two months after giving birth to Saskia. Her detractors then accused her of using Photoshop on her images. Hembrow responded to this by saying she managed to get back her pre-baby body by living an active lifestyle.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions

There are some very strong rumors that Hembrow is seeing NFL star Odell Beckham Jr., especially after hinting that she is currently in a relationship with a ‘secret boyfriend’. Even though she has been linked to Beckham, the two of them have remained silent about the whole thing.

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