Taylor Alesia Bio, Age, Body Measurements, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Relationship & Rumours

Who Is Taylor Alesia?

Taylor Alesia Compton is a popular YouTube celebrity. She is also a social media star. A lot of her fame is credited to her YouTube channel, as well as her Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter accounts. She posts plenty of pictures of herself on her Instagram account. On her YouTube, she likes to upload videos of her doing makeup, trying on clothes, and daily vlogs.

Career Focus: Social media star, Youtuber, Singer

Popular Works: Uploading photos on her Instagram and being active on her many social networking sites. She is also a Youtuber. Compton also has a YouNow account, where she does livestreams.

Date of Birth: 13-10-1996

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 105 lbs.

Current State & Country: New York City, New York, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Net Worth Income: $500,000

Educational Credentials: Unknown – Although she did go to junior school at one point. Compton also mentions in one of her videos that she is a high school dropout. She was also a college student, but dropped out too to focus on her music and YouTube career.

Compton has several tattoos on her body – Three in total. The first one is on her wrist, representing her star sign. She has a small heart tattoo on her knuckle. The last one is a finger tattoo with an Italian word. Compton is Caucasian, with tanned skin. She has long light brown hair and blue eyes.

In January 2018, she became the owner of an adorable dog named Dunkin. He is a Pomeranian-Husky hybrid. Compton even gave Dunkin his own Instagram page, called dunkinalesia.

Career History Of Taylor Alesia

Compton joined the popular photo-sharing site Instagram in 2014. She enjoys posting pictures of herself there. She makes a living out of a career that lets her upload videos for people’s entertainment. Compton also has a following on the site YouNow, where she has over 35,000 followers. YouNow is a livestreaming website where people broadcast their own content, or interact with other livestreamers. In 2015, she became a full-fledged Youtuber. The subject of Compton’s videos are random and varied – She likes posting videos of herself doing challenges, makeup tutorials, and reaction videos. A lot of her other videos also feature her daily life, lifestyle, and other random things.

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Compton’s fanbase grew after she began touring with YouTube star and former boyfriend, Taylor Caniff.
In 2017, Compton uploaded her first song, called ‘Stay the night’. As of this year, it has over 10 million views and counting.

Personal Life of Taylor Alesia

Similar to most YouTube stars, there is not much information about Compton’s personal life. She has not mentioned her parents’ names, but she does have an older sister. It is not known whether her parents are still together, or if they are separated or divorced. There is not much information about her childhood either.

Compton’s birthday is on October 13, 1996. She was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her star sign is Libra. Compton stayed in Scottsdale for over eight years. She attended junior school, as well as high school, but dropped out. Then she attended college too, but left after her Youtube videos started gaining popularity.

She has been romantically linked to several other social media stars. In 2015, Compton was said to be in a relationship with a guy who shared her name – Taylor Caniff. Caniff has his own set of loyal fans on social media. It is believed that Caniff and Compton were together for over eight months. However, even Compton says that they really did date, Caniff has kept quiet about these rumors. It also got messy when Caniff anthough d his manager threatened Compton with a lawsuit if she kept mentioning these claims.

Next, Compton was in a relationship with another social media star named Mikey Barone. Like her relationship with Caniff, this one was also messy and short-lived. Compton and Barone broke up after just a few months of dating. It seems like they still hold grudges towards each other as they often post nasty comments about one another on social media.

Compton is currently in a relationship with fellow Youtuber, Tanner Fox. The two of them met in 2017, shortly after Compton moved back to Arizona. The two of them dismissed breakup rumors in December of the same year. Then in January 2018, they made a prank video about Compton getting pregnant – But obviously, it was a fake. Their relationship didn’t last long either, but it was a smoother breakup than the other two. Compton and Fox remain friends to this day.

Net Worth of Taylor Alesia

Similar to any popular Youtuber, Compton has a lot of endorsements. She is also sponsored by plenty of companies. She earns cash from her social media uploads, notably Instagram. She also gains cash from her advertisements and endorsements. There is no information about how much Compton earns with each upload, but her current net worth is at an estimated $500K. At present, she has over 2.4 million subscribers on her YouTube. She has 2.2 million followers on her Instagram page. She seems to earn plenty of cash thanks to her work. Compton also has 181,000+ followers on her Twitter page.

Her most popular videos include a pregnancy prank video that she did with a former boyfriend, and her song, entitled ‘Stay the night’. There is also a video of her reacting to her old videos, which has also 8,100,000 million views.

Controversial News on The Life & Career of Taylor Alesia

In 2017, Compton drew in controversy during a YouNow livestream. In the video, she showed a private photo she received on her phone, which was supposedly a photo of former Vine star Nash Grier smoking marijuana. Grier is no stranger to controversy – He has once earned the ire of the public after uploading Vine clips of himself yelling homophobic slurs. Some of his fans are also aware that he is a marijuana smoker. Compton has also another blurry photo of Grier’s brother, Hayes, allegedly smoking a hookah. Hayes is also a popular Vine and social media star, like his brother. Compton has also mentioned on Twitter that she has seen the two Grier brothers high on illegal substances once. The tweet has since been deleted.

Hayes later came to his own Twitter account, and angrily denied the rumors. He states that he aims to be a good role model for his fans, who are mostly composed of pre-teens and teenage girls.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Taylor Alesia

It seems like Compton has a new boyfriend in tow. In September 2018, she uploaded a photo of herself on social media, sharing a kiss with social media star Matt Freeman. Freeman has over 16.1K followers on his Instagram account, so he has a pretty huge fanbase as well. Even though this might be lesser in comparison to Compton’s follower count on the same site, this is still a great thing. However, the interesting thing about this is that Freeman’s Instagram account is locked. Compared to her past relationships, Compton has decided to keep things with Freeman private. They have only one picture together on Instagram.

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