Tony Romo Net Worth, Wife, Kids, Career & Facts

Who Is Tony Romo?

Antonio Romario “Tony” Romo is a famous American professional football player. He is a popular quarterback who plays for the NFL, specifically, for the Dallas Cowboys. Romo’s father, Ramiro Romo Jr., is a veteran of the US Navy. Meanwhile, Joan Jakubowski, Romo’s mother, worked as a store clerk. Romo was born in Burlington, Wisconsin. During his childhood years, he played baseball for the Little League All-Stars team. Romo grew up in the southern part of Wisconsin. He was a fan of the Green Bay Packers, specifically their quarterback, Brett Farve. Farve was known for his risk-taking, aggressive style of playing, which Romo himself would later copy in his own footballing career.

Who is Tony Romo Wife?

Romo is married to former Miss Missouri and Miss USA pageant contestant, Candice Crawford. Aside from being a beauty queen, Crawford’s main occupation is a journalist. She won the Miss Missouri pageant back in 2008, when she was already working for CBS. A stunning couple like Romo and Crawford, along with their three sons, make them the perfect target for so many tabloids and magazines.

Career Focus: Professional gridiron football player, Commentator for NFL television broadcasts

Popular Work: Won a Walter Peyton Award as well as a OVC Player Of The Year Award. Other trophies include the Ed Block Courage Award, and the EIU Athletic Hall of Fame. He is always included in the list of the top 100 football players.

Date Of Birth: 21-04-1980

Current State & Country: San Diego, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Burlington, Wisconsin

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 230 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $70,000,000 – $90,000,000

Tony Romo

Educational Credentials

Burlington High School, Eastern Illinois University

A huge portion of Romo’s childhood was spent in his hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin. Since he was little, he has always taken part in sporting activities, especially in school. His idol is Brett Farve of the Green Bay Packers, another popular football team. A lot of Romo’s playing styles were directly inspired by Farve. He graduated from Burlington High School in 1998. Even though Romo was already a popular football player at school, a lot of college football teams never really noticed him. He ended up attending college at Eastern Illinois University instead. It is a Division I-AA school located in Charleston, Illinois. During his college days, Romo became a three-time Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year Awardee. When he was a college senior, he also landed the Walter Payton Award as a top offensive player in his college.

Aside from playing football, Romo is also known for his philanthropism and charitable activities, especially the ones from the Dallas area. Romo has taken part in several organizations including the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and the United Way. He frequently makes appearances on sports-themed radio programs. Romo has also hosted a commentary show called Inside the Huddle with fellow football player, Bradie James.

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Career History Of Tony Romo

Romo started out his footballing career, when he became a substitute player for the Dallas Cowboys back in 2003. However, during those times, he never really got much playtime. Meanwhile, in a 2004 game against the Oakland Raiders, Romo managed to score the winning touchdown, bringing his team to victory. He was also the second player ever to throw out over five interceptions during a winning game, with the Dallas Cowboys defeating the Buffalo Bills.

In 2017, Romo suddenly announced his retirement from the NFL. Instead, he became a commentator for football matches during the NFL’s next few seasons. Since his retirement, Romo had thrown a football for a total of 34,183 yards – The 29th most in the history of the NFL. He has also made 248 touchdowns, and has done over 97.1 career passes. He has also received praise as a commentator for the NFL, with people noting his sharp analysis of the game and his enthusiasm. Romo’s love of the sport became very apparent when he became the commentator of the 2019 AFC Championship game. He was able to predict the game’s plays even before they happened. Romo was also one of the main commentators for 2019’s Super Bowl finale between the Los Angeles Rams, and the New England Patriots.

Tony Romo wife

Personal Life Of Tony Romo, Tony Romo Wife

In 2007, Romo began dating American singer, Jessica Simpson. They split in 2009, after two years together. He was also rumored to have dated former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood. Romo is now married to television anchor and Miss Missouri winner, Candice Crawford. They married in 2011, and are very happy in their life together. They have three sons together – Their eldest, Hawkins, was born in 2012. His younger brother, Rivers, was born in 2014, while the youngest, Jones, was born in 2017.

Net Worth Of Tony Romo

When one brings together all of his football contracts throughout his career, Romo has made an estimated $127 million during his fourteen years with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys ended up leading the NFC with a 13-3 record thanks to him, causing him to land a six-year contract with the NFC. This costed around $67.5 million.

Romo has also made cash thanks to his endorsements. He, along with several other famous players, were hired by DirecTV to promote their Sunday ticket promo for the NFL. He has also made ads for Pizza Hut, Under Armor, and Corona Beer. And even during his current job as a sports commentator, instead of being out there playing, Romo has still done several ads for beer and other sport beverages.

At present, the value of Romo and Crawford’s mansion in Dallas costs around $9 million. The house has gone through many renovations, and measures 32,515 square feet.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Tony Romo: Tony Romo managed to steal the spotlight during a Sunday evening show. The former quarterback, who now works as a CBS broadcaster, made headlines thanks to his comments during a certain game. It turns out that he had called the play several times even before it had happened.

Throughout the last few years, Romo, who is a Christian, has created many records in plenty of statistical categories. He has also managed to put together the fourth highest passer rating in the entire history of the NFL. Despite suffering from injuries such as a punctured lung and broken ribs, he still managed to win games. However, some NFL fans will earn respect for a player once he has obtained a Super Bowl ring – And Romo has none.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Tony Romo: A lot of people are still insinuating that Romo will someday return to playing football, despite being officially retired. But the decision, of course, is still up to him. But Romo himself has never spoken about coming back to the field, and is still doing his job as a commentator. There have also been rumors about him being gay, which he has denied.

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