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Who Is Vanna White?

White was born on February 1957 in South Carolina. Her real name is Vanna Marie Rosich. She initially did some modeling on the side to make cash and earn a living, before she got casted in the show that would change her life – Wheel of Fortune. White is known for revealing the letters on the show’s gigantic puzzle board. Aside from that, White has also done some acting, and has appeared in a bunch of TV shows during the 90s and 80s. She also wrote an autobiography, which was published in 1997.

Career Focus: Businesswoman, Game Show Host, Actress

Popular Work: [Television] Wheel of Fortune (1975-Present), Super Mario Bros. (1993, Ricky Morton/Annabel Jankel), Married… With Children (1987-1997, Fox), Graduation Day (1981, Herb Freed), Simon and Simon (1981-1989, CBS), The King of Queens (1998-2007, CBS) Naked Gun 33/1/3: The Final Insult (1994, Peter Segal), Double Dragon (1994, James Yukich), Venus: The Goddess of Love (1988, NBC), LA
Law (1986-1994, NBC), 227 (1985-1990, NBC), Full House (1987-1995, ABC)

Date Of Birth: 18-02-1957

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 127 lbs.

Current State & Country: Beverly Hills, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Conway, South Carolina, USA

Net Worth Income: $50,000,000

Educational Credentials: North Myrtle Beach High School, Atlanta School of Fashion

White’s mother is named Joan Marie, while her dad is called Miguel Angel Rosich. White’s father is of Croatian and Puerto Rican descent. White’s parents split up when she was still a baby. Her mother later remarried, and White ended up taking her stepdad’s last name. White’s new father worked as a real estate agent in South Carolina, where she grew up in.

After finishing high school, White left her hometown and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. She enrolled in a fashion school and began taking modeling pictures on the side. She then wanted to become an actress, so she moved to Los Angeles in the early 80s to make it big as a celebrity.

White has been referred to by the Guinness Book of World Records as ‘TV’s most frequent clapper’. She claps an average of six hundred times per episode. White received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006.

How Old Is Vanna White?

White has been on Wheel of Fortune since its inception – So she has been active in the industry for more than 30 years. She started off by turning letters on the board. Then as technology became more and more advanced, she would reveal the letters on the board just by giving them a light tap. It seems like White herself has not aged a bit ever since she started becoming the show’s co-host in 1982.

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White takes care of her appearance to maintain those youthful looks. She has worn nearly 7000+ outfits in all Wheel of Fortune episodes. None of these outfits have been repeated. White says that she likes to exercise regularly, maintain a strict and healthy diet, and get at least eight hours of sleep per day. When leaving your house, you need to apply sunblock on the face, and your hands.

Career History Of Vanna White

White’s career began in 1978. She first started competing in beauty pageants – Even winning the title of Miss Georgia at one point. Her first TV appearance was in 1980, in which she showed up in an episode of another game show, The Price is Right. She was a part of a set of contestants who were slated to appear on the show. However, White never made it on stage, although a clip of her playing along was rebroadcasted on television.

Then in 1982, White was selected out of 200 applicants to be a part of a new show called Wheel of Fortune. The show was created by entertainment giant, Merv Griffin. It aired on NBC in 1982. Joining White was former weatherman and the show’s new host, Pat Sajak.

White became the chief letter-turner and current hostess of the show. The designs of the set, the letter board, and the wheel itself have all changed, but Sajak and White have stayed the same. Wheel of Fortune was responsible for turning both of them into television icons in America. Soon enough, the USA was swept up in what was known as Vannamania. White was getting asked to do interviews and endorse certain products. She even had a short-lived acting career, starring in an NBC television movie called Venus: The Goddess of Love. White’s popularity continued throughout the rest of the 80s.

Personal Life Of Vanna White

White’s personal life has been more or less a roller coaster of sorts. When she was just starting out in the business, she met and fell in love with John Gibson, an actor. Tragically, their love story didn’t last too long – Gibson was killed in a plane crash in 1986.

Her next husband was a man named George Santo Pietro. Santo Pietro had always been a fan of the show, and White herself. So he decided to pursue her and win her heart – By becoming a friend of hers first. They began dating in 1980. They married on New Year’s Eve in 1990. Their marriage was long and fruitful – But it didn’t last. In May 2002, White and Santo Pietro divorced after 12 years together. Nobody really knows why the divorce happened. However, White and Santo Pietro have decided to remain friends for the sake of their kids.

Net Worth Of Vanna White

Wheel Of Fortune is an iconic and very successful show. It has been on the air for decades. In 1986, its host network began airing a syndicated evening version of the show, which drew in over 30 million viewers. It had twice the amount of viewership as the second most syndicated program, M*A*S*H. Wheel of Fortune ended up grossing at least $100M annually. In 1999, after sixteen years of the show being in syndication, Wheel of Fortune has been seen by over 40 million households in the US alone (The show is also aired in other countries).

Just by working as the show’s letter turner, White is given a yearly salary of $10M. This has been a huge factor to her current net worth of over $50M.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Vanna White

While reminiscing about her times as an actress, model, and American TV fixture, White has mentioned that one of the biggest things she regrets doing in her career was posing for a lingerie shoot in 1987. This shoot caused her to land on the controversial men’s magazine, Playboy. White has spoken about these racy photos in several interviews, claiming that they almost caused her to lose her job on the show. White sued both Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and the magazine itself, hoping that the shoot won’t leave a damaging impact on her wholesome image. Both sides eventually dropped the lawsuits.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Vanna White

There have been no recent rumors about White as of late – Just the usual claims that she is leaving Wheel of Fortune soon. However, White, along with Sajak, are always renewing their respective contracts with the show. The contracts are said to expire in 2022. Whether they will renew them or not will remain a mystery for now.

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