Whitney Scott Mathers Biography: Age & Facts

Who Is Whitney Scott Mathers?

Whitney Scott Mathers is famous as the step-daughter of controversial rapper, Marshal Mathers aka Eminem. Eminem has gained notoriety for his lyrics, as well as his beef and fights with plenty of artists. He rose to fame in the 2000s, and is still enjoying success up to this day. His personal life is very full of controversy. Eminem is one of the most influential rappers of all time.

Career Focus: High school student

Popular Works: Adopted daughter of rapper Eminem

Date Of Birth: 16-04-2002

Current State & Country: Macomb County, Michigan, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 110 lbs.

Net Worth Income: $210,000,000

Educational Credentials: Unknown

Whitney Scott Mathers

Despite the fact that Scott Mathers is not really Eminem’s child, he still loved her dearly and adopted her to be one of his own children. He says that he has equal love for all of his daughters. Scott Mathers’ mother even confirmed that Eminem was an excellent father to his children. He raps about his daughters in a lot of his songs, including ‘Mockingbird’ and ‘Castle’. He also takes breaks from releasing albums and performing on tour, so he can spend time with them. Eminem has said that he doesn’t want them to grow up in the same environment that he did.

Career History Of Whitney Scott Mathers

Scott Mathers is currently a high school student. She is doing a pretty good job in her studies.
Eminem himself has had a very productive career, in total. He has seemingly done everything – From rapping, to songwriting, to producing albums, and even acting. His best selling albums include Infinite (1996), Slim Shady EP (1997), The Slim Shady LP (1999), The Marshall Mathers LP (2000), and The Eminem Show (2002). Other albums include Revival (2017), and Kamikaze (2018).

He started out in a rap group with several of his childhood friends, including the late Proof. This group eventually became known as D12, a rap group that Eminem still keeps in touch with, despite the group’s breakup in 2018. Eminem has won a total of fifteen Grammy awards since the beginning of his career. He has also won an Oscar for his song ‘Lose yourself’, which appeared on the film 8 Mile. 8 Mile is a film directed by Curtis Hanson. Eminem himself stars in the lead role, along with Mekhi Phifer, the late Brittany Murphy, Anthony Mackie, Kim Basinger, and Michael Shannon. The film was sort of biographical in a way – It follows a man named Jimmy Smith Jr. aka B-Rabbit, a white man who struggles to launch a rap career in a genre dominated by African-Americans. This was technically similar to Eminem’s own experiences as a rapper. Other appearances on TV and film include Entourage, Funny People, The Interview, and The Wash.

Whitney Scott Mathers

Personal Life Of Whitney Scott Mathers

Scott Mathers’s birthplace is in St. Joseph, Missouri, on April 16, 2002. Contrary to popular belief, she is actually not the biological daughter of Eminem. Scott Mathers’ mom is Eminem’s ex-wife, Kimberly Scott, while her dad is a man named Eric Hartter. Scott Mathers never really knew about her biological dad that much – Hartter is a bit of a nasty man himself, having had several run-ins with the law. He supposedly has his own troubling past as well, just like Eminem himself. Hartter works as a tattoo artist. He has also done several criminal acts, like drug-dealing. Hartter and Scott Mathers’ mom, Kimberly, didn’t marry each other either. She got herself involved in drugs as well, causing Eminem to adopt Scott Mathers as his own daughter.

Scott Mathers has two step-sisters: Hallie Jade Mathers, from Eminem’s relationship with her mom, and Alaina Marie Mathers, who is technically her cousin. Alaina is the daughter of Kimberly’s twin sister, Dawn, and another man. Scott Mathers is actually a lot closer to Hallie compared to Alaina. Eminem has mentioned several times that he loves Scott Mathers, because of her sweet nature.

Net Worth Of Whitney Scott Mathers

Since Scott Mathers is still a high school student with no known part-time job, there are no concrete details about her net worth. She is still living under her dad’s roof with her sisters. However, Eminem has a net worth of over $210 million. Eminem is a legendary rapper, so he has managed to acquire all of that cash through his rapping skills. He also goes on tours, and sells plenty of albums. Eminem makes at least $10 million to $15 million per year. His most successful tour is the one that he did with R&B singer Rihanna back in 2015, called The Monster Tour. It earned over $36 million in total.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Whitney Scott Mathers

There isn’t much controversy revolving around all three of Eminem’s children. But he himself has been through so much trouble in the past. He has had plenty of problems regarding physical violence, domestic abuse, and drug abuse. Him and Kimberly fell in love when they met in the mid-90s, and they married in 1999. They already had Hallie before their wedding, but despite a marriage and a daughter, this didn’t do anything to solve their personal issues with each other. One time, Eminem found his wife cheating on him with plenty of other men during their marriage. He ended up beating her, and he is under arrest by the police. Kimberly and Eminem divorced in 2001. Eminem took out his rage on his now ex-wife by writing several songs about her, including the ones in his The Slim Shady LP. They got back together in 2006, but things went wrong again, and they ended up splitting for good this time. During their five-year break, it was then that Kimberly met Hartter and had Scott Mathers.

Kimberly is also a troubled woman. She has an addiction to drugs, and, as mentioned, cheated on her husband several times. Her relationship with Hartter also ended horribly.
During the early part of his career, Eminem was also famous for creating feuds with other artists. In 1999, he started a feud with singer Christina Aguilera, who disclosed his supposedly secret marriage to Kimberly to the public. In return, he revealed that she has had relationships with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, and former TRL host, Carson Daly. Aguilera and Eminem have since made up.
Other feuds include ones with Mariah Carey, electronic musician Moby, Durst, actor Will Smith, and fellow rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Whitney Scott Mathers

There are no rumors about Scott Mathers’ personal life at the moment, since she is a very private person. She also has a stable relationship with her father – This is according her half-sister Hallie in a recent interview with The Daily Mail. As she is also fifteen, it is unknown whether she has a boyfriend, or if she just prefers not to date anyone at the moment.

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