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Who Is Zach King?

Zachary Michael “Zach” King is a social networking star. He is famous for making six-second magic tricks, which he has creatively edited and uploaded on video-sharing apps like Vine or Youtube. Because he does things differently compared to other Vine stars, who relied on humor and memes, he managed to capture the attention of a wide audience in just a short amount of time. A lot of his fans, as well as the public, have greatly appreciated his talent and creativity. It has also taken him to so many places. King has managed to win plenty of awards because of his magic skills. He has also earned plenty of cash because of this.

King has obtained a great amount of success due to the posts he uploads on his official Youtube channel. His career has bloomed quite nicely, and he is now recognized as a popular Youtuber. One of his videos, called ‘Jedi Kittens’, has amassed more than a million views in just three days. King was named as one of the 25 most promising young filmmakers in America on Youtube in 2015.

Not only is King very talented, he is creative as well. He is a young man who has stood above the rest of the competition, being able to achieve success thanks to his hard work. King is now a millionaire – Becoming so before he even turned 30. Hearing about his success story is always a nice thing, and inspirational for everyone who wants to achieve their dreams.


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Career Focus: Filmmaking, Social media star, Vine and Youtube personality

Popular Works: His Youtube video ‘Jedi Kittens’, and his official site FinalCutKing

Date Of Birth: 04-02-1991

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 165 lbs.

Current State & Country: Orange County, California, USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Portland, Oregon, USA

Net Worth Income: $1,000,000

Educational Credentials: Biola University (Major – Cinema and media arts)

Since he was a young boy, King had always wanted to make films and movies. He actually made his very first film when he was seven, by using his parents’ home video camera. When he turned fourteen, he used up his saved cash to purchase video equipment, and taught himself how to make and edit videos.

When he’s not busy filming stuff for Youtube, King enjoys spending time with his family members. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Rachel Holm. A lot of his spare time is spent learning more about how he can produce cool special effects for his videos, to make them better. He is also an animal lover. King is also good at playing piano. As a child, he used to teach himself how to play the instrument for over three hours a day. And according to him, his favorite food is his mom’s home cooking.

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Career History

As mentioned, King has been making short films since the tender age of 7. In 2008, he opened up his own website, called FinalCutKing. The website allows him to share all of the tips and tricks that he knows to produce creative videos. A lot of his videos are made using the software Final Cut Pro. King’s site teaches people how to use this editing software online.

In 2013, he opened an account on the video-sharing app Vine, as a lot of his friends seemed to use it as well. King decided to upload one Vine video everyday for a month. And after he found success, he decided to share and create more videos. He has made appearances on shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, making short Vine clips with everyone there.

Through his Youtube channel, King began giving out helpful video tutorials on how to make films. Little by little, his audience and subscriber count started increasing. Soon, he decided to make a profit from this by selling training seminars, gaining money from them. He later showed up in an episode of the show Viral Video Showdown.
King’s creativity, talent, passion, and determination has surely reaped its rewards. He was being offered roles and directing stints on movies like The Last Word, as well as the remake of Indiana Jones. In 2016, he provided the voice of one of the supporting characters in Disney’s animated film, Zootopia.


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King has won plenty of awards thanks to his videos. One of them was a trip to the London Film Festival, after he scored first place at a commercial contest sponsored by IT company Hewlett-Packard. King has also won a 2014 Streamy Award for Best Vine Creativity. His other award is a NextUp Creators Contest which was organized by Youtube. His award nominations include a Biola University Young Alumnus Award, and a Vidcon Golden Poop Award, among others.

Personal Life

King was born in Portland, Oregon. He is bi-racial: His mother is Caucasian, while his father is Chinese-American. Thus, he grew up being exposed to two cultures. King has three younger sisters – Two biological, and one adopted from China, named Katie. All four of them were homeschooled. Aside from his family members, King also has a pet dog named Lucy, and a goldfish. His family soon left Oregon and moved to the countryside, where he and his sisters grew up in a farm. He is a graduate of Biola University.


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What’s your best egg pun? #egggang #liketheegg #magic

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In 2014, King tied the knot with his beloved girlfriend, Rachel Holm. The two of them had dated for a long time. They have two children together, and are happily residing in Rossmoor, in Orange County, California.
King recently announced about Holm’s second pregnancy through his Twitter account, and that he is very happy to welcome another child. Not much information is found about his sisters, as well as his parents.

Net Worth

King’s current net worth is at $1M. Plenty of the earnings throughout his career have all come from his Vine and Youtube videos. He and his family own a huge house in Orange County. King owns plenty of cars such as Mercedes Benz, Toyotas, and BMWs. As of this year, his Youtube channel has over 1.2M subscribers.
His talents have definitely taken his career to new heights, and have paid him well. King’s own net worth all depends on the source, so it’s safe to assume that it has significantly grown through time.

Controversial News On The Life & Career

King has not landed himself in any controversy, as unlike other Youtubers, his videos do not rely on shock humor or gaming. He appears to be a very nice person too, and a proud family man.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions

King was reported to have dated fellow Youtuber Tiffany Alvord – Neither parties have confirmed or denied these rumors.

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