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Who Is Zoie Burgher ?

Zoie Burgher is a Youtube star and a former Twitch game streamer. She is American. Burgher has at least a million followers on her social networking platforms, especially on her Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Plenty of her videos include collaborations with other popular Youtubers, such as Abigale Mandler. Burgher’s channel is self-titled, and has over one million subscribers and counting. Videos that feature her are mostly banned from Youtube and other video-hosting channels, because they mostly include explicit content.

Burgher started out as a contestant on the 2016 Miss Coed Title. She landed in the finals spot of the contest, but was not crowned the winner. However, this exact contest helped place Burgher into a different image. It caused her to show off her skills in other things, making people realize that she’s more than just a person who likes to post sexual videos of herself. Before she became famous, Burgher was the previous owner of a site that assisted people who had weight issues.

Career Focus: Internet personality, Youtube star, Twitch streamer

Popular Works: Zoie Burgher Youtube channel

Date Of Birth: 29-11-1995

Current State & Country: USA

Nationality: American

Home State & Country: Miami, Florida, USA

Height: 5’8”

Weight: Unknown, but she has a slim build

Net Worth Income: $1,000,000

Educational Credentials: Florida State University (Major – International affairs), Arizona University

Burgher is a sexy and hot Youtube celebrity who has the best body measurements you can imagine. She is quite tall, with a slim body structure. She has dark brown eyes and blonde hair. Burgher is often seen uploading photos of herself in bikinis and she looks amazing in them too. Her videos are often composed of her wearing these bikinis and doing sexy dances like twerking. She also plays games and does livestreams while wearing these bikinis, or just skimpy clothing in general. Her favorite games include Call of Duty, and other multiplayer games. Occasionally, she will upload videos of herself doing non-gaming stuff.

After completing her education at Arizona University, Burgher decided to move to Florida State University where she majored in International Affairs. When she was a college student, Burgher took an interest in sports like rugby. She excelled in the sport and was a top student in her team. Burgher is also interested in politics – However, she has never stated if she supports the Republican or Democratic party. She says that she enjoys debating and watching debates between supporters of each party.

Burgher has been banned three times from the Twitch site, as her videos contained explicit content. In summer 2016, her account was removed from the streaming site. Burgher has taken to social media stating that her expulsion from the site was unfair – However, her next few streams after that were no longer as appropriate as the ones from before.

Career History of Zoie Burgher

When it comes to her career, Burgher opened up her social media accounts in 2013. Not long after that, she began uploading pictures, videos, and photos of herself, mostly with her wearing next to nothing. She has also done full-frontal nude shots. Burgher uploads her photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. At present, she has over 592K followers on Twitter, and over 240K followers on Instagram. It’s not surprising that she managed to gain loads of followers in a short amount of time, thanks to her photos and videos. This led to plenty of news and media coverage from publications such as UK tabloid The Sun, Rolling Stone, and gaming site Kotaku.

She is a part of a group of popular gaming streamers, collectively known as Luxe Gaming. Other members of Luxe Gaming include Burgher’s close friend Mandler, Linda Tena, and Kiran. On February 2018, news broke out that Burgher and the rest of Luxe Gaming were getting a reality show. The first episode aired a week later.

Personal Life of Zoie Burgher

Burgher is a young and very attractive lady with plenty of followers. She enjoys hanging out with her pals, and travelling to different places. One of her dream destinations is in Auckland, New Zealand.

Burgher is currently in a relationship. She doesn’t post much on Instagram like she used to, and prefers to keep her private life under wraps. However, if you look at her Youtube and Twitter accounts, you can see that she is in a relationship with a man named D’Angelo Taylor. This is Burgher’s first publicized relationship, and not much is known if she has dated any men previously, or her past boyfriends.

Their romance started when Taylor met Burgher in a club. She was there with her girl friends, celebrating a bachelorette party. Taylor, meanwhile, was moving from one group in the club to another, making friends with different ladies. Burgher seemed to have caught Taylor’s attention, and they exchanged numbers. The rest was history.

Net Worth of Zoie Burgher

Burgher’s channel has over 1.2 million subscribers, as of 2017. Her videos have a combined total of over 50M views. In just one day, each video on her channel scores over an estimated 330,000 views. Because of the content, a lot of the videos on Burgher’s channel are age-restricted. Because of this, she is unable to make any cash off them using Youtube advertisements, but there are still a handful of videos in which she can make money off. The amount of revenue coming from her channel is amounted to over $400 daily, bringing to a total of $146,000 per year. This comes from the Youtube videos that aren’t age-restricted. Apart from that, Burgher has also formed a Ladies Gaming Club in which she plays several live games with other bikini-clad girls, and uploads them on her Twitch and Youtube channels. As mentioned, she has over 1.1M subscribers on her Youtube channels, with a total of 2,993,964 views on all of her videos. Burgher makes plenty of income from people donating to her channels and streams. These donations can go from $300-$3000 with each stream. And in return, she gives them a shout-out on her channel or adds them as friends to her social networking accounts. At one point, she used her Snapchat account to send her naughty photos to her followers, before moving to Youtube.

Controversial News On The Life & Career Of Zoie Burgher

It’s not surprising that the contents on Burgher’s channel and social networking accounts have garnered divisive reactions from the public, especially in the Youtube community. Fellow Youtube channel Pyrocynical has expressed interest in Burgher’s channel in September 2016, after he uploaded a video of himself harshly criticizing Burgher. He says that she only used her body to gain views and subscribers, and that nobody would even bother to watch her stuff if she was appropriately dressed. Rolling Stone magazine and Kotaku took notice of his video rant, calling it a strong piece of evidence for the backlash against Burgher. Burgher and Scarce responded, and Pyrocynical made a response video which gained at least 2.4 million views.

Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Zoie Burgher

Recently, Burgher confirmed that she would be building her own all-women team of professional gamers.

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